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Friday, 27 May – ♃ □ ♄

[pic: Matteo Abbondanza]
[pic: Matteo Abbondanza]
One of the most important things brought to us by this Jupiter/Saturn square (now exact for the last time) is that we cannot just listen to anyone. We must choose, very discerningly, where our advise comes from, and also how much we will attribute that advise to certain individuals, following them blindly because they ‘seem’ to know what’s going on.

Part of the reason for the ‘happy/sad’ syndrome of this alignment is that what seems absolutely true one day, carries a strange air of ambivalence around it the next. This not only creates confusion, disappointment and restlessness, but brings about a considerable amount of tension when trying to work out what to believe from others. Even those whom we hold in the highest esteem as leaders of truth and morality seem to let us down tragically from one day to the next.

We’re taking/making things personally… doesn’t help.

Seems like everyone is in a state of flux, trying to work out what’s going on. We are learning that the best way to deal with people is to cut back, not to overextend ourselves, spend more time being with ourselves. If we must listen to others, its probably best to exercise a healthy degree of skepticism, take the essence of what they are saying and not to become enamoured too much by the cult of their celebrity.

This is a new time.

A new belief system – a new order of morality is forming now. All the tools, and opportunities to practice our truth, are presented to us daily in our world. Observe, without getting too excited.

Saturn will now continue in retrograde to square Neptune, not once but twice. In the next fortnight it will be crossing the ♃/♆ midpoint, bringing a sorry end to any area where we have been excessively idealistic. Those who fail to get it, who continue to chase gurus, false prophets and political messiahs are in for a heavy fall.

Remember: Though there may be strong reinforcements to your affirm your wonderful new sense of morality out there – your true moral compass sits within you. Always (at least) consult with that. It makes life so much more fun.

[things are about to get juicier, i hope you’re all ready]

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Jupiter Square Saturn : The Happy-Sad Syndrome

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