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Cosmic Scopes – May 24-26

Gemini Sun with Moon in Capricorn

An earthy sense of duty and awareness of responsibility becomes the prevailing mood during the Capricorn Moon. This sets an unusually serious backdrop for the usual flightiness and communicative fluttery of the Gemini Sun.
This Sun/Moon mixture generates a cool, yet strongly ambitious state of activity, particularly in our socio-political affairs. We may see ourselves doing a bit of social ‘butterflying’; some meet-and-greet handshaking, just to keep up with our social commitments and responsibilities.
These two signs don’t align naturally. Some sacrifices are necessary in order to get through the next couple of days. Remember, it’s not just about keeping up appearances – we see our stimulating thoughts and ideas being put into some practical purpose now.
Even if it does seem like a superficial exercise, ‘working your crowd’ is not merely about keeping the disgruntled and uneasy at bay - getting out amongst those things you serve (or serve you) provides vital feedback which can be useful towards improving your overall operation.

How does it affect your sign?

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