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Capricorn/Capricorn Rising – (May 21-28)

[art: Giovanni Auriemma]
[art: Giovanni Auriemma]

One way that you can get over some of those anxieties and apprehensions that you may have been experiencing in your life recently is to be a bit more open with communicating about the things that are troubling you. It’s not fair to judge yourself based on someone else’s superficial standards, nor on your own assumption of what others may think of you. Those premises do not provide a great gauge of the reality.  By opening up to someone trusted, you at least allow yourself the space to hear…. . (read more….)

….out loud… any negativity that you may be holding within about yourself. This also gives you the chance to express some of that repressed anger or regret, putting those things you feel is ‘wrong’ with you into some perspective.

Similarly, this is a wonderful service that you can provide for others. By listening to someone in a trusting, caring, compassionate way, you provide them with a more objective point of view on how they come off. Sometimes you need not say much at all, just being there to listen when they’re down on themselves gives plenty. Be careful not to take any of their baggage on yourself though. True healing comes from helping someone to see that they need to do the work themselves.

It’s true though – sometimes we want to be accepted and validated about our own worth so much that we don’t even realise how much pressure we put on ourselves. Does anyone’s opinion really hold that much weight for us? What does that prove? Do you truly believe that others are a better judge of your abilities and your entire potential than you know yourself to be?

One thing is true. Your everyday activities (work, service) focuses on obtaining lots of information and exchanging ideas and thoughts with others. In this sense, you’re also busy with exerting your physical agility  your everyday life activities. It’s likely that you do a LOT in your day, and most of it to make the practical day-to-day details of your life move along smoothly…

Just know, that nothing is ever going to be as well-organised or in as good of a state of well-being as you would like it to be, and you may find you have a lot of difficulty in just leaving the activities and challenges of the day behind, always busting to ‘fix’ it all. In this sense, you are more likely to keep busy attending to the healing and wellness of others rather than your own. For this reason, take care not to run yourself into the ground in the name of service.

This could leave you severely run down, and with the Full Moon, Mars in retrograde and Saturn in your 12th, we see strong signs that you need to slow right down and give yourself a rest. Nothing you do for anyone – nothing, other than showing them some compassion is going to help or improve your situation if you don’t slow the fuck down and relax a little. The answers to your truth-seeking lies in your night/daydreaming.

You are at the end of a very long, tiring cycle. Time to clear the decks a little and make room for the magic that’s about to come.

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  1. Yeahhhh! Ha HA ! You are at the end of a very long, tiring cycle. Time to clear the decks a little and make room for the magic that’s about to come.

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