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Cancer/Cancer Rising – (May 21-28)

[art: Giovanni Auriemma]
[art: Giovanni Auriemma]

You know that you have everything you need to decide whatever you want to do, and to go wherever you please. You don’t need others to affirm that. Much as you aspire to be selfless and use your amazing intuition and intellect to ensure that others get what they need rather than use them for your own benefit, at times you tend to give others way too much rope for platitudes and fancies. In one sense, your apparent kindness means that you are capable of imparting an indelibly unique impression upon this world, even if at times this creates major upheavals for you, particularly in your job or daily work practices….(read more…..)

It would not be surprising for you to suddenly abandon your causes when you feel your wealth of knowledge is being taken advantage of, or not being utilised properly. If you choose to face any conflicts with a passive-aggressive method, or find an elusive, evasive way out, then you risk aggravating your situation further. You must try and sort out any misunderstandings and inequities by standing up for what you believe is true.  Right now, you are actually stepping forward to confront a different kind of reality — one that requires you to make steadfast decisions about which road to choose, and what beliefs you must determine as the ultimate truth in order to get the most out of your journey.

You might just have to stop and do a little homework. Ask yourself what is true for you and what isn’t. Ask yourself whether you’re struggling hard just to understand. Ask whether you have attracted people into your life who you want to entertain, simply because you do not have the will to challenge. Ask yourself whether those people are simply not just taking advantage of your ability to give them the benefit of the doubt and go along with their apparent misconceptions.

Sometimes we get into relationships that only serve one purpose… they make us feel good about ourselves based on the premises that we believe that we are doing something good for them. Yes, of course, it pleases us to know that when we are serving others we are ultimately serving ourselves.

This is all well and good, but now is the time to ask whether your willingness to let them carry on in ways which are simply not truthful or realistic is actually really helping them or simply enabling their delusion. This not only continues to render them incapable of seeing themselves in a true light, but at the same time is hampering your own individual progress to live in a world which sees a spade as a spade.

Time to decide whether your lenient efforts are really getting you (or anyone) anywhere at all.

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