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Aquarius/Aquarius Rising – (May 21-28)

Aquarius Giovanni Auriemma.
[art: Giovanni Auriemma]

In truth, the only thing that stands between you and real, satisfying success is your grave doubts about whether you have what it takes to stay focused on your vision without becoming restless. You are best entertained with activities which engage your brilliant mind, and there is a constant source of entertainment and adventure from your wide range of friends and social contacts. But if you’ve inadvertently put someone’s nose out of joint recently…..(read more…..)

…..then there might be some fiery arguments between you until the truth comes out. Could just well be a that you hold such a conflict of opinion or ideology with someone – an individual or a group – you’re not fussy. You do stand to get all political some times, and this is one of those more frustrating moments where nothing really seems to work in the same old way.

Your worrying about tomorrow based on recruiting some team/group effort could be a struggle if you don’t have your own shit together first.

You have so much creative potential right now, and developing it should be on top of your list if you are going to face tomorrow with any degree of viable competence.

So what are you waiting for?

You’re possibly sceptical that by yourself you can’t achieve very much at all, and so you come to rely on others to stimulate you to explore your creative talents.

It’s possible however that an increasing degree of upsets, letdowns and disruptions over the recent times may have taken their toll on you, but in saying this, any setbacks might have similarly served to strengthen your remarkable determination, and have only re-empowered you to take a whole new approach on how to tackle the future.

Don’t be afraid. Your tendency to cling too tightly to the support of others will only deny you access to what you need for the future. And don’t be intimidated or discouraged by friends who try to force you to stay stagnant with any supposed obligations towards them.

As much as you need to express your best possible self, just remember, you don’t have anything to prove to anyone but yourself.

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