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Week Ahead – April 4 – 11

The storm is at hand [artist unknown]
The storm is at hand [artist unknown]
Last week’s Mercurial transmission served more as a precursor to how important it is for us to stay mindful, that every word we utter creates enormous ripples through the fabric of the reality that we create around us. Many thoughts and ideas generated between us have had the effect of causing great impact on how we choose to perceive the world we live in, and in a very short space of time, we have observed that just by choosing how we communicate, we have the power to affect what we see happening around us. We have learned that if we remain mindful, we can see into the heart of the cause and effect that we create through our thoughts and the way we express them.Often we hurt one another through our words, sometimes haplessly, other times with intent. The pain stirs up all sorts of emotions, and those emotions often cause us to react in ways which just perpetuate the pain. It can be never ending. Venus and Chiron on the South Node brought up a lot of past hurt and through our ability to communicate, last week raised a lot to be addressed, to be reviewed and counselled and to hopefully bring us to a place of healing. At least in our minds.This week takes it all up a notch. Why?Because it is the Sun’s motion through the same path that forms the premise of what we are about to experience. This promises to be a phenomenal week, chiefly because of the Aries New Moon on Thursday – storms made more menacing than their usual Aries self due to its tight conjunction to Uranus to the Pluto square.

I have written much about this Ur/Pl square over the last years, and so, aside from the relevant reference in the individual transit analysis (below) I will refrain here. I’m kinda tired of talking about it, and anyone who has not become aware of their propensity to break out into wild and inexplicable scenes anytime a faster planet crosses this radically provocative midpoint has, in my view, missed the entire message of the past 3-4 years. All I have to say is ‘baggage can’t take it with you’ – and if you haven’t learned to give it up, then I can safely predict how your next few months are going to play out for you. Yes, any stubborn adherencences to extremely one-sided, obsessive psychological behaviour are going to plunge you deeper and deeper into a world of pain, anguish and torment.

It’s endemic, and in all my empathy, those who continue to play out those age-old, hereditary dramas of cultural or family patterns, will be rudely awakened to find a world that is no longer sympathetic to their fanciful beliefs and predilections. Crunch time is here already – it is now a matter of how we will deal with the consequences of forced change, separation and disruption to our crumbling structures. The 3D world, as we have known it has been disintegrating for years, the final film of its facade now ready to dissolve away will expose what shocking truths lie beneath.

After the irrevocable reshuffling of the masculine/feminine energies, augured by the recent Solar/Lunar Eclipses, we are ushered into a confronting, bewildering new state of experience.

Enter the NEW MOON in Aries, and a week where pressing the reset button on our lives takes on a trans-global effect. The true revolutionaries – those innovators of mind and action rise up now to create enormous disturbances to the mass consciousness – those dictated by the most conservative elements of a secular, capitalistic society.

And so, this week plays out as the beginning of a new way, and finally, we see ourselves taking action on the thoughts that have been formulated in the past few days…


Let’s take a look at the effects of this week in detail: (read more, for Cosmic Tribe Members)…..

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