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The Week Ahead: April 24 — May 1

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Dearest Tribe,

This one is just for you:

Coping with change

[art - alexei sovertkov]As we discussed in last week’s report, this was going to be a critical week where much would turn for us, and again help us to realise that our physical position here is certainly not permanent. All things must pass, and the Scorpio Full Moon only slapped us into fright that even our most treasured attachments are easily snatched away if we develop any unhealthy attachments or pre-occupations (obsessions?). Strangely, these same ‘fondnesses’ also stand a strong chance to be somewhat renewed in our hearts, if only we learn take a cooler, more detached appreciation toward them.

We also talked about death, more as a spiritual concept of release from attachment rather than an awful thing to dread and behold. Nobody like change, especially when things are going ‘fine’. But resisting change when things are critically not working for us – that’s going to end in grief. Let’s get acquainted with the concept of change now, as many of us may suspect, it will serve us well over the next few months.

Keeping grounded

Whilst the push has been to understand that all physical attachments are impermanent, the Sun’s entry into Taurus (Apr 19) brings a strong reminder to keep things firmly grounded. The spotlight this next 3-4 weeks is to focus on making a summary appraisal of all that is worthy and worthwhile in our world. It can be a re-affirming, most comforting experience, if we are being for real with ourselves.

The Sun’s wingman, Mercury comes to a halt at 23°36′ on Thursday (Apr 28) goes into retrograde just to aid (or sabotage) the accounting process. By the end of the week, sweet Venus also enters Taurus (her domicile). So with 5 planets (☉,☿, ♀,♃, ♇) in earth signs, and 5 planets (☿, ♂, ♃, ♄, ♇) in retrograde, it is a serious time to come back, down to earth and do a little ‘stocktake’ through our vast warehouse of physical accessories and accoutrements.

Psychic warfare

[art: alexei sovertkov]
[art: alexei sovertkov]
Although Mars now retrograde and picking up speed, his station at 8°♐54′  (April 17)  meant that he remained in near-square to Neptune  for the past fortnight, continuing to leave us in a physically depleted state. As we said at the beginning of this month, this strongly unpractical, yet psychic aspect may not have become exact, but its sustained influence throughout all of April means that many of us will be affected by its very subtle, physically debilitating ways. Wavering between spells, on one hand, of pure inspiration; wanting to act as if under some mystical or spiritual obligation; exerting a drive to do exorbitantly lofty gestures; to help others in self-sacrificing ways, whilst on the other hand we are also prone to soon lapsing into spells of pure exhaustion, confusion and impracticality.

Ample rest is advised during this whole month.

At times, our sensitivity to conflicts that do not directly involve us, or picking up on the misdirected energies of others could result in inexplicable eruptions of anger or dispute. These could get so messy, they might require an exorcism.

In this last week of April, we may start to get a slight reprieve on this energy, though our ‘well-meaning’ deeds still risk becoming misunderstood or rejected due to the ℞etroMars. There is a strong need to become more aware of exactly what we’re doing (and why), so that the confusion and exhaustion begin to slowly dissipate, evolving into much more clear, intuitive ways of asserting ourselves. The retro-active Mars seeks to do much repair work over the next few weeks (going direct June 29). It’s important to note that this attempt to ‘repair’ can manifest in both constructive and destructive ways. 

Swinging dispositions

[art: alexei sovertkov]
It is important too to note that we are collectively under increasing pressure to account for any pretensions on cultural/philosophical/religious/academic grounds – most of these held together by some skewed versions of social morality (Jupiter square Saturn), which in many ways are written into our legislature, civil laws, bibles, tertiary texts and history books, as if to provide clever loopholes or sophisticated formal excuses to continue playing ‘ignorant’ to nature’s very strict natural laws (namely those of gravity). All things that rise will eventually come down, and things could get heavy if we don’t wise up.

Very heavy. Very soon. It is a natural property of physical growth that it is certainly not infinite. Some of the smarter people may have already worked this out and placed their investments, career interests elsewhere. Hmm… don’t you love those clever folks?

How clever are you?

Anyway… in this next couple of weeks we see the intrepidly inner-growth Jupiter(℞etro) slowing right down at around 13°♍30′, becoming stationary (May 9). He does this exactly on that lugubrious Saturn/Neptune midpoint for the next 2-3 weeks. This forms a sustained  T-square combination between ♃/ ♄/♆, manifesting as an intensified crisis of the social phenomenon we are already currently experiencing, where deceptive practices continue to be concealed through creating ridiculously pompous ceremonies, hokey public rituals and political smokescreen implications, especially through scapegoats. Meanwhile, the mass media machine continues its mass-scale, hollywood-style coverage (cover-ups). These start to wear increasingly thin as May rolls into June (more on that, and the Mutable Grand Cross soon).

Will the real truth please stand up?

[art: alexei sovertkov]
[art: alexei sovertkov]
Meanwhile, the real, moral truth continues to fester, its stench starting to rise from underneath the political covers; The tightening ♃/ ♄/♆ T-square, only reinforces the crisis point that the more we witness, the closer we come to discover the underlying truth that ‘reality’ is just a grand illusion. Whether this is a convenient factor is questionable. As they said in that movie… some (many) “can’t handle the truth”. Reality could get rough for those who just must cling to their delusion, at all costs.

Most sensible people will pull away from the social scene now, choosing to avoid the whole damned charade and all its deluded fools who subscribe blindly to it all. The ultimate truth can only be derived through sound meditative practice, wanton solitude and taking wise, deliberate action.

The cosmic warrior will choose to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground over these next few months, purposely choosing to conserve his/her most precious currency – their power to make choices only from within – mindfully withdrawing all his/her interests from the treadmill of what appears to be the great white lie, and all contact with those who mindlessly continue to follow, patronise or subscribe to that fraternity of mass consciousness.

Have an amazing week,
Blessings xx

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