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Week Ahead – April 17- 24


More and more (or less and less), the dream of being able to depend on the exterior world to provide assurances that we are going to be looked after in reliably constructive ways is starting to fade. In the past there was always some adult, some dependable person or powerful leader in our limited sphere of consciousness, whose authoritative certainty on any subject was enough to assuage our insecurities about the world – to tell us the most comforting truth or the most convenient lie, just to appease us enough to believe that everything was going to be alright.

All that seems to be getting hard now. So much uncertainty, and most of it is coming from those we seek to show us the way. This Jupiter/Saturn period is making the journey difficult for many to hear some reliable terms that all hope is not inexhaustible, that all growth is not infinite, that sometimes in our attempt to integrate moral principles into our lives we must make greater efforts to find harmonious and successful ways in which to discipline ourselves.

It’s called ‘coming down to earth’. And this is something we’re going to have to discover the hard way.

No one out there is going do it for us any longer. At least not convincingly. The more we progress, the more it seems we need to develop our own ability to be discerning and critical and yet open, forgiving and accepting at the same time.

It’s tricky.

This week kicks off with two more planets (Mars & Pluto) turning retrograde, joining Jupiter and Saturn in this process, the journey becomes introspective, helping us to review and reappraise various (now conflicting) elements in our lives. In a sense, this latest addition to the mill could see us all going around kicking ourselves for all sorts of past actions and behaviours where we feel things could have gone better. As the chickens come home to roost, we may become dramatically moved to go and fix a ‘wrong’, or to make a change.

With the Scorpio Full Moon on Thursday, things will change. Drastically. Things cannot go on this way. If things must change, let’s just be sure about that. Let’s make absolutely certain that ‘things’ will never, ever be the ‘same’ again.

If things must change this week, let’s start with you.

Here’s the week ahead in detail….


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