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The Week Ahead: April 11 — 18

I would guess few of you who are tuned in here would argue that the last seven days has seen some tremendous shake-ups, turning points and full-tilt revolutionary resets in many of our precious vested affairs in this, now certifiably, ‘gone-crazy’ world. The Aries New Moon (April 7) included something phenomenal in which each of us found truly shocking, exciting and equally unnerving. Yet it was also a klaxon call that we have reached the dramatic point of no return.



Much, deeply buried nonsense came to light, and a resounding ‘wake-up’ call was there for all of us.



Not saying that we all experienced the ‘great awakening’, but those of us who did, in some way, really did come to separate themselves further from anything that might have been oppressively holding them back from taking a new step forward. Any heaviness became most unbearable, any darkness soon came to the light. Those individuals who were personally affected will undoubtedly, through choices they have made this week, will come to affect many others in some wonderfully exciting (or disruptive ways).



So if you’re sitting there, all on your own, wondering what it will take to see a full scale revolution erupt, just know that it all rests in your own hands, and it starts from the revolutionary decisions and intentions formed by you over these last few days. All that remains is you doing the work now – carrying through on your decisions with appropriate action, knowing very well that once your intention to move forward has been set, you can never turn back.



On some level though, there is much inner work to be done before we will see any full scale changes in the desperately ailing exterior world. By the end of next week, Mars and Pluto join Jupiter and Saturn in retrograde, which pretty much rounds up all the arbiters and enforcers of our pantheon of gods and warriors, as if sending them back into their chambers to take a long, hard look at themselves. Mercury joins the Rx team on Aril 28, so the month ahead could turn out to be a very introspective exercise as we review and reflect on nearly every flagging aspect in our lives, wondering how to come out of some of a mess that ,clearly, offers no immediate answers.



Again, it must be reminded that on close inspection, you will observe that very little of what seems to be occurring in your world actually has anything to do with you. So the great tip has got to be to remain mindful of what is seriously yours to ‘worry’ about (Mercury in Taurus), and exercise some good, old-fashioned, practical discernment. You can do this by only fussing about those things that you can actively address in this present moment. The rest, it’s best to make like they have nothing to do with you.



As Jupiter in Virgo slows to station (13°♍15′, going direct on May 9), we are blessed with the opportunity to exert a most practical, ergonomically simplified approach. Again, best to stick to your tribe – they’re the ones around you that you don’t need to work on, but are working with you. The rest, it is advised, that you approach with caution – they can be damned hard work, and if you’re somehow not getting any cooperation out of them, then don’t waste your precious, dwindling resources (time, money, fucks, etc.).



Ok, so next week…



Sun is still in Aries, so hold your horses before storming in: commitments, investments, promises, etc, need to be carefully thought through before extending anything that asks you to stay in for the long haul. If you do rush in, you might quickly discover that things pan off into a drudgingly uninspiring bore after the initial high. Classic first-world dilemmas, sure, a direct outcome of the heady excitability that abounds, particularly with Venus also in Aries. Your choices must be inspired from a deep, intuitive place. If they are driven simply by a shallow desire to satisfy the ego, then don’t blame anyone but yourself.



Mars going retrograde at the end of the week spells all sorts of convoluted activity, taken mostly due to an attempt to make amends to any regretful deeds. Rather than engage into a frenzied fight for retribution, best to take a deep fucking breath, choose to fight on the high moral ground, and do some work on yourself – namely, practicing not acting purely in self-serving ways.



For those of you subscribed to the ‘Cosmic Tribe’, I have broken down next week’s transits in detail (below), as well as issuing the critical, inbox updates, special articles and individual messages on how to deal with all this… and again, my many thanks to your valued support.



…and have an amazing week.

The week in detail: (log in to read further)…

Monday, April 11

Jupiter trine Vesta
Open yourself to the higher realms of mysticism and philosophy – expand your knowledge and understanding of what makes up those cultural traditions and belief systems that you have been taught. Enrich and deepen your spiritual experience and expression by exercising your wonderful capacity for faith and optimism that can see you through any of life’s challenges and hurdles. Can you make a personal sacrifice for your beliefs without feeling deprived or self-righteous towards others? Can you see where you may be playing the role of a teacher or mentor for someone who seeks answers?

Tuesday, April 12

Mercury Opposition Juno
You may sense a strong aversion to any commitment your personal relationships, particularly marriage. Strong sense of independence is very important to now, feeling the institution and social limitations of marriage (and the like) to be a matter which will openly discuss vociferously, even to the point of conflict.

You just need space, ok?

This is especially so if there are hints of suffocating expectations or jealousies which often plague monogamous relationships or partnerships of codependency.

Mercury sextile Neptune
Certainly you are inspired by more mystical or mythological sources, or you are taking your ideas from more enchanting places like music or art, but the result is that today you can somehow pour into words those thoughts that often are so difficult for you to get across.

Venus 8°♈46′ trine Mars 8°♐46′
Putting your feelings of desire into a straightforward and direct expression, where you not only act quite diplomatically on your instincts, but follow through on your feelings in such a way that you are received by others as someone who is naturally understanding of their emotional dynamics, passionate in nature, and, most importantly exude a sense of sex appeal, makes this day especially prone for romantic attractions with others.

Wednesday, April 13

Venus quincunx Juno
The conundrum between the need for romance, pleasure, beauty and in harmony in your life still acts as a great paradox to and need for an equal intimate partnership with others. This issue of commitments becomes constantly an obstacle to experiencing true romantic love, which is is our ability to thrust ourselves into our hearts desire without feeling the pull and obligation to the responsibilities of forming a long-term bond. Finding someone who has come to the exceptional understanding and how the heart operates becomes a point of serious pondering and much philosophical discussion.

Thursday, April 14

fqm apFirst Quarter Moon – 24°♋39′
The Aries Moon cycle meets its first crisis – It is a time in which the challenge is to manage the impetuous energy of the Aries Sun, storming and wild, with the clingy emotional dependencies of the cancer moon, who feels most challenged by the trailblazing ways of the masculine principle. There is a sense of insecurity and nervousness but what is being demonstrated lacks the foresight and commitment to stay loyal and true to those things held most personal and close to the heart. Uncertainty in conflict can mark the day’s outcomes, but ultimately for the situation to improve some judicious compromise is necessary.

Ceres Enters Aries (14 Apr – 17 Jul)
This marks a period where nurturance and care towards loved ones is demonstrated most strongly by physical activity. It’s not what you say that matters, it’s not your kisses, cuddles and hugs that are important – it’s what you do that makes a difference. And so, with those around you to whom there is some sort of maternal caring, it’s time to exhibit your loving kindness and nurturance by your actions –  not feelings or words. Do something that jolts their experience with them, take them somewhere where they can be active, some place new – play with them. A good time to start a sporting activity that bonds you together.

Mercury Trine Jupiter
Yes, a great day for putting those big-ass plans together and getting them into operation, should see you hoofing along. It’s your overall confident attitude that helps you attract those feisty, paying customers, and makes your competitors wonder how you do it (who will soon finding ways to imitate your success). Mindfulness is vital to stay creative if you want to stay ahead of the game. Swoop in on any creative ideas, put them to good use, capitalising on every opportunity  to develop and save, wasting nothing (HINT: be like squirrel).

Saturn Quincunx Vesta
Here’s a frustration. Those deeply devotional yearnings – the ones you hold most sacred to your heart seem to have little or no connection to what the rest of the planet is telling you is important. If you are caught up in such a paradox, finding that your culture simply won’t accept those things to which you chose to dedicate yourself, perhaps making you feel guilty about how you practice your faith, then perhaps it’s best to make adjustments that alleviate the pressure. You need to work around this issue. It is unlikely that you will find a completely harmonious resolution right now. Your sense of devotion will seriously be tested against your responsibilities to your tribe.

Friday, April 15

Sun at 26°♈ on the Mars/Neptune midpoint
Because Mars is nearly stationary, and in close square to Neptune this potent combination may be experienced as a psychic drain that saps the vitality.It is important to ask ourselves whether we are even capable of helping others before becoming involved with their problems. Use your ability to intuit the best course of action. Sometimes, those who are going through a depression, or have a weaker constitution, can be greatly assisted by subtle methodologies, such as energy healing, homeopathy, etc., as well as eating lightly or eating foods of high vibration such as fruits and vegetables.
Beware not to become unconsciously entangled (psychically) in other peoples’ emotional problems. If uncertain about how to help, tactfully choose to stay away.

Saturday, April 16

Mercury Quincunx Saturn
Communications seem to be disconnected or somewhat misaligned with what we’re trying to achieve at this point, creating enormous frustration that forces us to find some sort of loophole or workable solution. Perhaps it is these shortcuts and loopholes that are often taken by some to get around the often limiting social structures which create problems when we are pressed to explain. Things need to be adjusted.

Mercury Conjunction Vesta 16°♉58′
By this stage of the week, much thought and discussion brings us to place where we see how we must fortify and uphold our truth, somehow finding earthier ways to express our devotion to our path. You might notice that your language, be it simple and concise, focuses chiefly on your underlying commitments, staying faithful to your integrity, your core values, and to a purity and determination to stay true to your spoken intention. You may even choose to respectfully abstain from taking advice from anyone at all and stick to what you know is best for you.


Sunday, April 17

Venus Quincunx Jupiter
Compounding the dilemmas around making value decisions on material investments and other bonding relationships this week, the magic formula this week may be to defer any decisions that press you to choose which way you are going to proceed, particularly those inspired by hasty, emotional whims.

Venus in Aries does get excited, particularly on offers that seem too good to be true, but the road ahead might just be testing you, leaving you stranded if you jumped into something without considering the tedious work involved, especially if what you went with requires settling into a practical routine.

Be cautious (look at the long-term prospects) before saying “I do” to anything.

Mercury Trine Pluto
Time for a bit of research and analysis into the situation. Deeper probing reveals much more about the inherent responsibilities behind what we choose to invest in. You might realise that what appears on the surface to be materially sound, practically alluring and physically charming, has all kinds of hidden or repressed psychological/emotionally tinged elements, that on closer inspection could leave you with more than you bargained for.

It is wise to proceed with caution and sensitivity, as those doing involved in any discussions/negotiations with you may resent too much probing.

Mars Stations to Retrograde at 8°♐54′ (17 Apr – 29 Jun)

When Mars turns retrograde, it turns its energies inwards, reflecting back on events or incidents where the warrior within feels like it has failed to protect or defend us appropriately at the heat of the moment. Feeling it has sublimated, twisted, distorted, denied or betrayed the best interests of the self, the retrograde can be an interesting journey as Mars seeks to make amends (any way it can) in order to gain reconnection to the Higher Self. (full article on this topic during the week)

Monday, April 18

Pluto Stations to Retrograde at 17°♑29 (18 Apr – 26 Sep)

Turning inward on our deepest, darkest, most repressed power source, we’re able to come in contact with a part of ourselves that is so essentially good that we would hardly believe it. Lots of things are going to end during these next months.

They have to. The building pressure is enormous.

Such is the level of corruption and manipulation still endemic in our world, both personally and collectively. Yet Pluto’s retrograde sees us become obsessively concerned with transformations within ourselves rather than all the futile attempts of trying to reform the outer world. In truth, this time will spur a lot of soul searching in so many until we come to critical consensus that our issue with society, government and the patriarchy actually spawns from our dysfunctional relationship to our own paternal parenting models. Addressing these will put much light on how we can eliminate the darkness we see plaguing the earth at the moment. How exactly we do this remains the greatest mystery yet, but that is what this period of deep inner probing is really all about.

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