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The Week Ahead: April 11 — 18

I would guess few of you who are tuned in here would argue that the last seven days has seen some tremendous shake-ups, turning points and full-tilt revolutionary resets in many of our precious vested affairs in this, now certifiably, ‘gone-crazy’ world. The Aries New Moon (April 7) included something phenomenal in which each of us found truly shocking, exciting and equally unnerving. Yet it was also a klaxon call that we have reached the dramatic point of no return.



Much, deeply buried nonsense came to light, and a resounding ‘wake-up’ call was there for all of us.



Not saying that we all experienced the ‘great awakening’, but those of us who did, in some way, really did come to separate themselves further from anything that might have been oppressively holding them back from taking a new step forward. Any heaviness became most unbearable, any darkness soon came to the light. Those individuals who were personally affected will undoubtedly, through choices they have made this week, will come to affect many others in some wonderfully exciting (or disruptive ways).



So if you’re sitting there, all on your own, wondering what it will take to see a full scale revolution erupt, just know that it all rests in your own hands, and it starts from the revolutionary decisions and intentions formed by you over these last few days. All that remains is you doing the work now – carrying through on your decisions with appropriate action, knowing very well that once your intention to move forward has been set, you can never turn back.



On some level though, there is much inner work to be done before we will see any full scale changes in the desperately ailing exterior world. By the end of next week, Mars and Pluto join Jupiter and Saturn in retrograde, which pretty much rounds up all the arbiters and enforcers of our pantheon of gods and warriors, as if sending them back into their chambers to take a long, hard look at themselves. Mercury joins the Rx team on Aril 28, so the month ahead could turn out to be a very introspective exercise as we review and reflect on nearly every flagging aspect in our lives, wondering how to come out of some of a mess that ,clearly, offers no immediate answers.



Again, it must be reminded that on close inspection, you will observe that very little of what seems to be occurring in your world actually has anything to do with you. So the great tip has got to be to remain mindful of what is seriously yours to ‘worry’ about (Mercury in Taurus), and exercise some good, old-fashioned, practical discernment. You can do this by only fussing about those things that you can actively address in this present moment. The rest, it’s best to make like they have nothing to do with you.



As Jupiter in Virgo slows to station (13°♍15′, going direct on May 9), we are blessed with the opportunity to exert a most practical, ergonomically simplified approach. Again, best to stick to your tribe – they’re the ones around you that you don’t need to work on, but are working with you. The rest, it is advised, that you approach with caution – they can be damned hard work, and if you’re somehow not getting any cooperation out of them, then don’t waste your precious, dwindling resources (time, money, fucks, etc.).



Ok, so next week…



Sun is still in Aries, so hold your horses before storming in: commitments, investments, promises, etc, need to be carefully thought through before extending anything that asks you to stay in for the long haul. If you do rush in, you might quickly discover that things pan off into a drudgingly uninspiring bore after the initial high. Classic first-world dilemmas, sure, a direct outcome of the heady excitability that abounds, particularly with Venus also in Aries. Your choices must be inspired from a deep, intuitive place. If they are driven simply by a shallow desire to satisfy the ego, then don’t blame anyone but yourself.



Mars going retrograde at the end of the week spells all sorts of convoluted activity, taken mostly due to an attempt to make amends to any regretful deeds. Rather than engage into a frenzied fight for retribution, best to take a deep fucking breath, choose to fight on the high moral ground, and do some work on yourself – namely, practicing not acting purely in self-serving ways.



For those of you subscribed to the ‘Cosmic Tribe’, I have broken down next week’s transits in detail (below), as well as issuing the critical, inbox updates, special articles and individual messages on how to deal with all this… and again, my many thanks to your valued support.



…and have an amazing week.

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