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Tuesday, 19 April

The VENUS journey across the URANUS/PLUTO square (this week)

The current Uranus/Pluto cycle, commencing at 17°♍ in 1965 activated an extreme desire for freedom and for change. Among many things, it launched us into complete and drastic revolution in the equality of the sexes. Drastic demonstrations that unleashed centuries of pent-up energy ensued. In the following 50 years, the growth and evolution of the masculine would take a new direction as the feminine would begin to assert itself further into the roles and functions traditionally only inhabited by men.

In the first crisis of this 140-year cycle (♅/♇ squares of 2012-15), we have seen a tremendous shift in energies with the overthrowing of deeply entrenched restrictions and limitations within the M/F dichotomy. The recent shift towards the feminine energy on this planet has created major imbalances in the masculine expression, ranging from extreme narcissism to complete withdrawal from men.

This, of course has seen our love relationships go through some turbulent changes over these last 5 years. Loving situations have tilted to the extreme ends, highlighting a massive need for rough to become soft and, sadly, visa versa.

But women cannot become men/fathers. And men cannot purport to be anything but more understanding/supportive/kinder towards those who love them. Eventually things must assume their natural, biological state, in spite of all these revolutionary ♅/♇ jolts to the nervous system.

This week sees another eccentric twist in the traditional bonds played out between the sexes. Things could get rough but, naturally, evolution will take its course…

The dynamics of the ‘Power Struggle’ in relationships

{pic: Raine Levers]

Our propensity to become invaded, violated and possessed by the controlling energies of others can be traced back (in this lifetime) to a relationship with a parent who, although they might have cared for your well-being very much, their love was ALWAYS and ONLY administered on their own terms.

In the formative stages of your upbringing, the pressure to always do things ‘their way’ managed to pervade your psyche and impregnate your every thought and whim with morbid judgements about whether you were doing the ‘right’ thing in accordance to their demands, and, of course, cursed with the horror that you may be sprung doing something ‘wrong’.

So, of course, your inner child’s usual appetite to express natural desires developed into suppressed fears, paranoias and aberrations, which would only manifest through a very sophisticated smoke and mirrors system that you learn to use in order to survive. This includes secrecy and compulsive behaviour.

Anyway, wind this forward 20, 30, 40 years and you have an individual whose entire energetic signalling system is unconsciously screaming to the world that you are somehow prone to being fucked-over by another individual.

The foundation for a lifetime of power-struggles and unsolicited drama in your affairs is born.

Strong inter-relational polarities are generated, unconsciously inviting unscrupulous individuals (formally known as ‘mother-fuckers’) who know exactly how to seize and manipulate this mind weakness into a commodity that can be harvested to fuel their own opportunistic needs. Now, their argument is always that they “mean well for you”, trying to be helpful, using the premise that they “want to make your life great again”. But this is assuming that your life needs fixing in the first place.

What if you’re already ok, just maybe a little apprehensive, or sensitive about being fucked over?

Anyway, multiply this by 7.2 billion unconscious individuals, and you have today’s current mind-fuck inter-mesh.

Things have become so mixed up now that we hardly know which survival energies are ours and which are part of the collective mania. These energies appear to have accelerated and collected to a point of critical mass and are now being manipulated by only a handful of power-hungry individuals who (through amassing all the wealth, power and charm over us) seem to be in complete, yet desperate control of our individual freedoms. They promise the best for us, but it’s only on their own very skewed terms.

Just like that parent…

Watch what happens to their ‘love currency’ when it is faced with a conscious resistance to any attempts to be improved, Particularly by those independent enough to challenge the status quo.

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  1. Um yes very fitting. They promise the best for us but only on their skewed terms. Conditional love. Sucky! Although this is a mirror i might add, so where am I being conditional. Hmmmm. Thank you

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