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Sunday, 24 April

[art: Justin Guse]

It’s not nothing.

It’s something, ok?
Something serious. And real.

That’s why you’re here. Because you have to take it seriously. Make it real. And all those who are with you right now, they’re just here to help you see that… dropping hints… provide you with opportunities.

No, they’re not here to save you. Nor are they going to save you. You need to do this all on your own, walk your own path.

Those feet will either walk you to the dream of your greatest design or the nightmare of your own demise.

And those lips… they may either rewrite the most epic romance history has ever known or the wage the most protracted enmity of all time.

It’s time you knew, and with total certainty, that things don’t just happen – you alone hold the power to make them happen.

You are the architect and builder of your destiny.

Every step..
every word,
every opportunity you take…
marks the choice you made
upon the blueprint of your fate.

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016

Mercury Trine Node‬

Mercury Trine Pluto‬, 

Earth Trine‬

Mercury Sextile Chiron‬


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