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Sunday, 17 April

[art: alastair magnaldo]
[art: alastair magnaldo]

MOON enters VIRGO (Sunday – Monday)

Now just mind – these next couple of days could encourage a tendency in some of us to go to emotional excesses in our desire to be of help and service to others.

Sure we want to reach out and connect by being useful, but with conflicts to Mars/Neptune, we sense how easily we can become psychically drained when trying to act on too many incoming impressions. Mindless, indiscrete participation in ‘ceremonial’ pursuits might leave you a little mindswept, and whilst there is a possibility that you might enjoy feeling a bit confused (for a little while), you could end up sidetracked, marooned in a place which you could never have imagined.

91ece0ee72841ad3f12738d9e7dd0d93Foreboding negativity may strike as you begin to return to the ‘real world’ of external pressure – the usual thing with Virgo is an over-criticism, whether of yourself or others, especially if the fear of disapproval is being employed. Watch out for the horrors of guilt and shame and guard yourself against these with diligence and care for yourself.

You must maintain perspective. DO NOT flush the baby out with the bathwater in a frenzied attempt to scrub yourself back to cleandom.

If you’re going to do anything useful these next couple of days, then use your instinctive need to help others get more fully in touch with their feelings and to accept them. You have the skill to innately encourage those around you to feel greater security and find faith in the workings of the universe.

Put that to use…

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