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NEW MOON at 18°04′ Aries, 7 April,11:24 am UTC

Aries New Moon

New Moon is the very time for giving up the old and ringing in the new, re-bundling our energies into a whole new package. Commitments we make now are intense, all-or-nothing efforts, but give them time to develop and to get their bearings. Time for laying cornerstones, the walls and rafters come later.
This Aries New Moon is unquestionably a time when we should feel the irrepressible urge to mount an inspired, brazen foray into entirely new and unfamiliar territory. With Aries, we do not need much imagination, no apprehensiveness for security, no incentive for glory or prestige – all that is required is courage – that blind conviction to do something immediately, to act now.
With the trine to Saturn, there is a stern reminder that anything we endeavour to do requires that satisfaction only be found in feeling well-grounded. This moment crystallises our need to keep a firm foundation in whatever we choose to build upon. Note that if your plans are already made, that the time has come for you now to put down the first step to implementing them with a sense of purpose and stability to attain the desired result. Things are about to be measured by a brand new standard, so best to keep it simple, take it slow, and pay particular attention to the current social responses to what you endeavour to create before proceeding carefully.
The strong conjunction to Uranus/square to Pluto puts this event into the revolutionary force-field of the Uranus/Pluto midpoint inciting the entire planet to pursue strange, highly unique goals.
With Uranus, much of the events happening on a greater level will affect every individual personally. Uranus brings innovation through breakthroughs to the existing structure, and whether these are presented as technological, political, sociological or natural events they have the unstoppable effects of suddenly disrupting the social order in irrevocable ways.
new moonThe square by all this to Pluto means that these profoundly provocative new ways will affect those hidden, corrupt powers that lurk among us, acting secretly upon us, who will rise out from undercover to defend or deny the Uranian revolutionary change. Because such immense force is created the war between disruption and control, this grinding aspect, whose effect has pervaded the public consciousness over the past 3 years now comes to a head, becoming a large and protracted struggle in our world.
The pressure is upon everyone to acknowledge that change and innovation are important, and to get ready to confront whatever has to be done to make change happen. Sudden, drastic turns of events that deeply stir and potentially change the way we see life will coincide with this event. Hopefully, our feelings have developed into a welcoming matrix of extreme openness and freedom. Deep within, there is an unyielding emotional need for each individual to be oneself, no matter what the cost, and to make change happen. Such an extreme need to overcome the conditioned and cultural impressions that are made upon us is unprecedented and now reach a critical mass, globally.
The mass deprogramming of the human condition is reaching revolutionary proportions – a tide which can in no way ever be reversed. The war against cultural influences is now being officially declared.
The Quincunx of all this to the Jupiter/North Node means that many people or things which have formally been important will suddenly be left behind in the past, only to become replaced by new more meaningful options. These are the choices that we make, based on a new, self-empowered approach.
There is a cold, unsentimental quality to this potent lunation. This allows the severing of ties and the relinquishing of anything that no longer serves a purpose in our lives. Exciting to some, but very scary to many, this launches the entire human race into a new shift of awareness that we are each armed only with the knowledge that we possess, as individuals, the power to choose not to play by old-world scripts and corrupt dictatorship paradigms.

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