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Monday, 25 April – ☽♐ – ♂/ ♄ = ♃ / ♆

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Sagittarius Moon, triggering Mars℞/Saturn℞, Jupiter℞/Neptune midpoint picture

It’s not so easy awakening to the hunch  that you might be an angel in the strident, raspy rancour of today’s (still) patriarchal ‘civilised’ world.

There is an angst there, expressed through Mars/Saturn, like the old sergeant hollering at us to be more careful, pull our heads in, fingers out and march towards being more organised.

They’re not trying to be mean, they’re just wanting to get things ‘straight’, they want things to be ‘right‘ and (in true Sadge style) to align to the higher principles and ethics of their prevailing ‘structure’. Only problem is, since both planets are in retrograde, the ‘structure’ seems a little arbitrary or biased, and whoever is calling the shots might have some trouble seeing how they potentially inhibiting, even harming any fruitfully constructive activity. All this tough, somewhat subjective ordering around of others itself spawns from an expression of repressed anger (from who know where), with in the end only leads up to more pent-up energy and frustration, which can eventually be quite draining, emotionally hurtful and ultimately non-productive.

This condition is only exacerbated by the Neptune square, which heightens sensitivity and vulnerability to the point where confusion and feelings of bullying or victimisation may result.

It is important that we do not press the ‘rules’ of the game upon one another too far, regardless how ‘right’ or ‘morally correct’ we feel we are in trying to lay down our discipline. Everyone is a little sensitive at the moment, some are just confused whilst others are trying to integrate a whole new level of sensitivity into their ordinary senses.

With the ♃/♆ opposition, there has been a lot of growth in sensitisation over these past months. In contrast to Saturn (T-square), highly sensitive people are mistakenly perceived as weaklings or damaged goods. It should be noted that to feel intensely is not a sign of weakness or inadequacy, it is a revelation that someone is trying to stay connected to their higher, more compassionate nature.

Any external pressure for the empath to provide certainty, to always know the outcome of things, can, at worst, have a debilitating effect on their creativity and ability to be open to what the universe has to offer. This does not allow for the true gifts to come through. Nor is it a constructive process (to put this in practical terms). The empath is not the broken one. It is the masculine society (♂/ ♄), trying to enforce its harsh, increasingly arbitrary(℞) measures that creates a hot mess for sensible people, making you feel like you’re the one with the problem.

[pic: peter lindbergh]
It’s not you – it’s them (So don’t take it personally).
In many ways society has reached the point of being completely dysfunctional and emotionally incapable of feeling you (☽ – ♂℞/ ♄℞). If you are feeling overly sensitive to criticism or negative reactions from others right now, then be mindful of one thing. That you are tuning into a more authentic, more caring, more humane version of this world.  There is no shame in experiencing your true, authentic feelings about what you see going on.

It is within you, in your heart, that the dream is being kept alive for a kinder, more co-operative world. Do not feel ashamed to let your beautiful feelings become a beacon of light in this world. All will shine through, have faith, and you will see.

If you’re feeling run down, frustrated, spend some time in solitude, and avoiding playing into the abrasiveness of society’s fucked-up demands on you. Work on your composure by breathing deeply. Slowly, build up your enthusiasm again and return to what you feel is important (for you) to work on. Steadily, meticulously, you are developing an amazing back-up system that will (in time) help you to cope with every pressure and frustration in the most capable and creative way.

Blessings for today,

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