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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

[pic: Fonda Enconada]

Mercury stations  to go retrograde at 04°♉51’℞, on Sunday April 09, slipping back into Aries on Thursday April 20, coming to a halt at 24°♈16′ to go direct on May 3.

In Taurus, expect an already very conservative-minded Mercury, currently cogitating at a painstakingly deliberate pace, takes the opportunity (during retrograde) to mentally go back over everything (sometimes over and over) just to make sure that it got things straight and clear.

Watch thoughts become so tediously fixated upon for so long that they verge on becoming obsessive. Watch simple processes become so meticulously, excruciatingly slow that for many of us it looks like life is moving backwards.

Worries over money and fears about the future may become a tired-old theme during this retrograde, whilst all attempts to find security come from efforts to be convinced and re-assured that the basics will be safe and that everything is gonna be okay.

Like anything, if it is repeated enough times, one eventually comes to believe that it is true. This is how sutras and aphorisms work, and with Mercury℞ in Taurus, the mantra is “Everything’s going to be ok because I’m going to be okay because everything’s going to be okay…”.

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