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It has been revealed by new studies (2013) that the earth’s core is actually just as hot as the Surface of the Sun. Of course, the halo around the Sun is way hotter (nobody knows why that is), but… one thing we do know:

Therefore… since the Sun (Sol) is a star (complete with halo) then this recent revelation would effectively suggest that our beloved planet (Gaia) is also but a little star herself. Except instead of a halo she has been entombed inside a thick crust of rock for like, 4.5 billion years.
It’s funny that, until relatively recently, from a geo-centric (earth-centred) point of view, human consciousness imagined that the moon, planets and stars, (particularly Sol), all to be circling around the earth. That was proved to be wrong at some point, but that’s another story…
Funny too that from and ego-centric (self-centred) point of view, we saw ourselves at the centre of everything around us, helplessly at the mercy of all those ‘star’ players who claim to shine so bright for us. Surrounding these, is a cast of those middling characters, who would take the light of those who they saw to shine in their own right, and filter and diffract it upon us in their own, distinctly skewed way, according to their angle.
Little did we realise, that deep within ourselves, under all those crusty, fossilised layers of geo-ego padding, lies the makings of a star itself. How many of you were aware of this?
All that stands between you and this amazingness is billions of years of soot, dust and shit, left by previous incarnations of animal, plant and mineral, pressed and hardened into a geo-crust so thick, and yet so brittle, that even one single conscious thought that there may lie a baby sun (sol), just waiting to be birthed, could crack this whole universe wide open.
It is time to re-member a long forgotten truth, something you knew from the moment you were born. Something that became distorted and obscured by all the layers of conditioning piled over you by the world of ego.
The truth is, that the Sun, as luminous and magnetic as he stands, is not the true centre of your universe. Like all the other stars, he merely acts as an inspiration for what creativity and authenticity is all about.
The true centre is that sol that lies within.
This is now the time.
This little light…
..let it.

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