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Full Moon at 2°31′ Scorpio, April 22, 2016, 5:25 UTC

The Moon is full once again. Another blessed opportunity to face up to our personal dealings with some degree of conscious reflection. With the Sun diametrically opposite, there is no hiding now. During this powerful time of effacement, we may come to clear terms with how the most personal parts of ourselves contrast in relationship to others. In this, we may realise whether we have reached the peak of fulfilment, or come to a point of capitulation, and decide to end matters altogether.

Often, with full moons, we find that it is best to just divest our interests, collect our dividends and move on to the next great venture. Sometimes it’s hard to just walk away immediately, and though we may form the decision to end a venture (even unconsciously), it could take weeks, even months before we fully execute the move. It all depends on how much we are attached to our unconscious habits of course, versus our ability to follow our conscious, more decisive selves with appropriate action.

Ultimately, with any Full Moon, it is the heart versus the mind.

When the Scorpio Moon opposes the Taurus Sun, the central themes are commonly around what we have in contrast to what we desire from others. The polarity is about constructiveness vs. destruction; placidity vs. emotional rage; stability vs. crisis; security vs. meltdown.

The Taurus Sun commands his worth. Worth comes only from the appreciation of what one values – relationships, material wealth, property, assets, ideas, skills and talents etc – anything that can be secured, considered of practical use, that will enhance the enjoyment of life and enrich either one’s experience or worldly esteem.

What do you value most of all?

The Scorpio Moon seeks security through vested interest. She may gain this by using her cunning ability to manage the resources of another, to skilfully control and manipulate what others value most by engaging her innate homing device to estimate others’ net worth, employing her uncanny knack for transforming something basic into a viably tradable commodity. Of course, her insecurity is tied to her reverential fear of loss, abandonment and betrayal, so she protects those she considers to be an asset to her own security with ferocious intensity.

What qualities do you value most in others?

The Moon in this sign highlights where we might display our fiercest determination to stay ahead of the race, the struggle to win at all costs, where we would fight tooth and nail to survive. Of course, in times like this, we may appear tough and ruthless, but underneath it all we reveal an emotional vulnerability. We become more prone to emotional hurt, and are vulnerable to becoming possessed by extreme moods that can quite easily bring us completely undone. We all have a breaking point, and the moon through this sign often reveals that.

What would you fight most fiercely to protect in your life, even if it killed you?

It is with this extreme set of emotions that we come to assess our decisive position this month. How much of what you receive from others do you come to expect? When we demand things we are also liable to react in ruthless, tactless ways to ensure that we get them. When we do not receive the things we expect, especially when we are most emotionally vulnerable, we may become possessed by dark moods, spells of jealousy and fits of emotional rage.

If you are experiencing these reactions, they are merely serving you as a warning that your relationship (to person, thing or idea) is suffering from gross emotional insecurities. This very critical full moon often augurs the onset of a relationship breakdown.

[art: Anna Roberts, Into the Night]
[art: Anna Roberts, Into the Night]
Ultimately, no relationship can endure the toxic, decaying processes brought in by expectation, jealousy and possessiveness. Any (or all) of these elements are a slow and silent killer once they enter a relationship. It is nature’s built-in obsolescence against boredom, lack of creativity, and to ensure change and variety.

Possessiveness comes in only when we invite the fear of losing something. If we have assumed that we ‘own’ something that appears to be slipping away from our clutches, this will lead to nagging and destructive criticism. Eventually the joy in the relationship will disappear completely.

Expectation will ultimately result in disappointment.

Jealousy is the debilitating sensation of inadequacy that occurs when we compare our own worth to that of a third party, resulting in the crippling fear of being abandoned or humiliated and unloved. This limits and eventually spoils any true intimacy or trust.

The Moon (in its fall, by dignity) is in a shaky position in Scorpio. When pitted opposite the very staid and stable Taurus Sun, it strongly highlights that all these negative emotions are YOUR  issue – your deficiencies. It is important to accept now that all personal issues are emanating from your own doubts and fears.

Own these negative feelings.

Instead of continuing to feed negative thoughts with negative emotions, focus on the word TRUST. Re-iterate in your mind that a lack of trust is just a feeling of insecurity about your own self-worth, not the truth.

Learn to detach yourself from expectation and possessiveness in your personal affairs. Slowly you will come to see that disappointment, anger, hatred, jealousy, frustration, fear, worry, and feelings of hurt will eventually subside, and the answer to your situation will appear. Understand that there is a difference between ‘changing’ your partner/loved one/world and ‘accepting’ those to whom you have an emotional investment. Accepting things as they are allows true appreciation and shows that you are willing to grow with them.

Seeing this – knowing and accepting this – will help you to make the very important decision in your life right now. This is the ultimate point of this Scorpio Full Moon.

PLEASE NOTE: A semi-square (1°S44′) to this Full Moon from Saturn will only accentuate any shortcomings we may have in our innate security. The karmic quality of Saturn will only guarantee that those who flinch (even just a little) in their display of faith (within themselves) will become the casualties of yesterday in the relationships of value today and tomorrow. Know this. 

Really know your true worth now.

And enjoy this blessed full moon.

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