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Friday, 1st April – POST ECLIPSES SUMMARY:


It has occurred upon us. The recent pair of eclipses has had a profoundly evocative effect upon the planet, bringing into our consciousness much awareness around the alignment between the feminine (shakti) and masculine (shiva) principles.

The PISCES SOLAR ECLIPSE (Mar 9) is the second of three instalments that will serve to deliver humility to the aggressive masculine energies that are present in all beings.

The accompanying LIBRA LUNAR ECLIPSE (Mar 23) was the final of three lunar blasts to enshroud us, preceded by the two BLOOD MOONS (Apr 14, 2014 & Apr 4, 2015) that served to restore the balance to our divine feminine selves.

These energies are experienced by all as an internal struggle to regain some balance in the way that we experience our spiritual selves, and the light of awareness makes it impossible for us now to ignore that we must stay mindful of our propensity to dominate rather than to support.

Out of all this, the first individuals to adopt this mindfulness of humility and balance will lead humanity out of its destructive path and back onto the road of compassion, kindness and forgiveness, bringing a new hope for universal understanding.

It is a slow, undulating process that will ripple through every being over the next 12 months, and the emergence of the shaman – an exceptional being who is most highly attuned to the complete forces of nature – is here to teach and guide humanity to a place of healing and salvation from its attachment to shame, and out of its tendency towards laying harm, accusation and blame.

These are powerfully transformative times. This is the time that you have chosen to be alive. Notice how you are being slowly brought into alignment by the struggle that is occurring within/without you.

Are you cognisant of what choices lay before you? How will you choose to act that is different to anything that has come before, becoming mindful that your actions, as small and insignificant as they may seem, contribute into the enormous ripple effect that serves to restore harmony back into this world?

Much of what is happening, and is about to happen around you, is there to test you at this moment. Notice how you behave, even in the subtlest of ways, and how it feeds into the greater energetic balance that is required from you here now.

Are you acting from the premises of whole, unconditional acceptance and love?

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