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Wednesday, 27 April

Goddess Update: JUNO  ☍☉, ♂, ♆, ♃ /♇

[art: alexei sovertkov]

Taurus is all about the ‘stuff’, things that actually ‘matter’ (goods, material, substances, money, things of value) and the Sun has pretty good authority over that now. Juno, goddess of all-things ‘marriage’ (or its equivalent) in the opposite Scorpio, is about the management, investment and emotional control (manipulation) of that ‘stuff’, especially in connubial affairs.

This direct opposition could see some conflicts around the decisions relating to the correct ‘use’ of this ‘stuff’. Somebody is holding back. Stonewalling. Or perhaps they just don’t get it (yet).

The retrograde Mars, quincunx the Sun (Friday) only aggravates things into heated vexation, mostly over misalignment of principles. Perhaps someone is not budging because they fail to be convinced – not because of the argument itself but due to the passionately forceful way it is put across. Some adjustment in attitude or in general perception must take place.

A sextile to Neptune (Sunday) and trines to Jupiter/Pluto (next week) means we’ll get it right in the end. Meantime, immense flexibility, understanding one another’s point of view is necessary before we ultimately go with the most practically functional, ergonomic, and economically sensible solution.

Work through this.
Maths + Co-operation = Happy Joint Investment

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