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Saturday, April 2


What if i said to you that in one swing of the pendulum, all your debts could be wiped off your card, your mortgage no longer existed, your misdemeanours erased from your permanent record, those citizenship papers meant nothing to anyone, and all the trauma that you suffered over your gender, skincolour, bodyshape, belief or cultural persuasion was actually a blessing in disguise and after all, you’re in the same boat as every other individual marooned on this great rock of earth?

Oh yeah… and your money? Well, that’s no longer legal tender anywhere. your money’s as worthless as anyone else’s.

What if?

Would you feel free to finally live your life afresh, or would you simply rather be dead?

Would you come to hold hands together with others around you or would you go to war with them for the sake of your survival?

What sort of choices are you making simply based on shame, guilt, self-pity, inadequacies due to low self-worth, and other expired agreements that are no longer existent (except inside your mind, and on some global banking system’s computer)? Who holds the key to your creative power tucked away in some vault?

What if all these thoughts and memories, like the hard drive of your computer system could be simply wiped clean?

What if you had a chance to witness your TRUE nature, naked and without looking through the prism of society’s judgement?

Could you bear it?

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