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Weekly Update, 14 – 21 March

[pic: Mr Friks]
Welcome to this post-eclipse weekly update.

Post-Solar Eclipse that is, because we are now in that awkward period between the two eclipses, as we approach its associated Lunar eclipse at 3° Libra, now less than two weeks away on Wednesday March 23.

Each week I aim to provide some special commentary on some of the key movements of the major planetary transits, interpreting trends in which significant transformational change is occurring, and looking at how these transitory phases influence each of us, both individually and collectively. The main objective is to show how these celestial events are affecting mass consciousness, and how we come to experience these as the shift in consciousness continues to transpire in our world.  As a cosmobiologist, my emphasis is on blending our intimately personal experiences with those that occur on a greater sociological scale, and to show how we are gradually moving away from the fundamental structure of how we, as human beings, experience ourselves. I also want to provide you with an opportunity to question how the changing circumstances around us are throwing our emotional patterns off balance, often bringing fear and worry into our lives as we become increasingly aware of the inevitable changes.

It is important to note that although our observation of the blend of greater and more minor planetary transits is often interpreted as individual transit posts, my purpose is always to re-mind us that we are moving towards a greater evolutionary growth, and so I am working towards providing a more composite interpretation that reveals how these external experiences serve to assist us in clearing the internal patterns of fear we hold (see ASTROLOGY OF NOW posts).

In the past few years, since commencing with my work with the Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency in 2013, my objective has been to herald the greater changes occurring. These began during the most intense phases of the Uranus/Pluto squares (commencing in 2012), leading up to and including the climactic Cardinal Grand Cross of April 2014 and beyond. Many of you faithful readers will have followed the transpiring story of our planetary evolution, and the shift of neo-cosmic forces from a masculine (outgoing) to a feminine (receptive) polarity. As we come to observe, change just happens, it never announces itself. Only astrologers, mystics and seers bother with all that, and strangely, we are still largely ignored or dismissed by some factions as crackpots and heretics for what we offer to our craft – before, during and after the advent of the changes we speak of.

I will say however, that the accelerating pace of external events in geo-cosmic patterns, sociopolitical trends and humanistic movements in psycho-spiritual development have been phenomenal, (though under reported by the mainstream media), particularly since the completion of the tetrad of blood moons (final in September 2015) and, since the powerful energies of the December 2015 solstice we have stepped into a new dimension of this very rapidly unfolding shift in consciousness.

As I have been describing to you, there have been significant advances in how we have grown in spiritual terms, especially in our increasing ability to clearly differentiate between what is truly important to us with respect to our personal evolution against what the global culture/social milieu deems important. We have witnessed the rapidly unfolding process of ceasing to base our self worth on outer or superficial criteria, and are focusing greater importance as spiritual beings on assisting in world change and the spiritual process of those around us, both locally, and through these wonderful electronic means of global communication.

We have seen the emergence of much deeper, more meaningful things by not projecting our own ego onto issues that surface. This has not been an easy transition, and as we are seeing, this has affected the emotional state of the greater population, sending many, especially the more dominant factions (males in particular) slowly into increasing levels of dejection and depression. On the other hand, with the accelerating shifts by more evolved factions (those actively involved in the un-learning, un-domesticating, un-conditioning crafts, like the rise of the neo- shamans) towards the ability to assist others in the discovery of their life’s meaning and purpose, we are also fast bringing to light ideas and energies necessary to heal those around us, often doing this without consciously being aware of the resonance on the planet.

nowTo many of us here, the shift of consciousness has become an engaging reality and is presenting us with extraordinary opportunities to decide how we will choose to share this. We are opening up to a wider, more expanded realisation that the new world is happening now – it is no longer in the future. The future is NOW. Our search for meaning and purpose in everything that we encounter is already available to us, in this present moment.

This is actually quite exciting.

We have made it.

Our transition into a new paradigm of existence has occurred, and I know that many of you are both excited and bewildered by the events occurring in our exterior (and interior, emotional) realms, finding that each day presents us with challenging paradoxes in our moment to moment experiences.

As this week unfolds we focus further on seeking out those people that allow us to get ever more deeply in touch with our own fundamental purpose in life. This is beyond existential. This planet is undergoing an epochal crisis. We are learning, in this amazing moment to find the hidden meanings that are everywhere, and we are attracting people who also come, through contacting our energy, to sense their own purpose in the connections eminent in their life. . . together raising an awareness of the choices in the direction in which this planet needs to move.
Via our transmission of messages to one another we are miraculously, instinctively helping one other to overcome individual ego-attachments to the past, those cultural and social engrams that have caused us to be governed by forces that have exploited our individual and collective willpower.
You are now required to take action. As you come to understand that you are (and always have been) able to make empowered decisions on how to view your world, without the conditioned filters and lenses of your ‘culture’, you will also notice that the things that you place your intention upon are what you now manifest as your reality. The action is simple. Choose to relinquish all your toxic emotional baggage now.
Can you do this?
angel 321
[art: Robert Cornelius]
In the proceeding days between these two amazing eclipses, you will see a compelling struggle between positive and negative energies, both within you and without, bringing you closer to an increased awareness of how much your attachment to the past is only there to feed the ego. Through your connection to your spirit guides (angels), often assisted by the events that you experience through your relationship with the world, the dissolution of many ego-related karmic ties begins to happen. To assist this process, choose to connect with people who give out loving, harmonising energy and who work with pure spiritual light.
The urge to clear away past toxic karmic baggage is happening at quantum pace now, rapidly resolving issues of the past so that we can more forward. We will do this collectively by sharing energy with those who share a mutual purpose. This is our action. To choose to work with these people. People who are operating on the level of light. Of course, we will observe that there are also many folks who insist on clutching desperately to those attachments which are fear-based. Possessions, power, drama, darkness and destructive, divisive deeds.
All you need to do is to seek out people who are willing to grow and evolve with you. People who will accept the love you have to give. Of course you may experience some tension, but only if you choose to pay heed to those who exhibit a determined unwillingness to grow or change. Often the source of this tension is hidden. But it will manifest very rapidly if you choose to allow it. In some instances, particularly towards the middle of the week, you may observe great problems with others that are hard to define. The only way to solve these problems is to trust in your instincts and to be receptive to answers coming from deep within you or from spirit guides (angels). Again, look for signs in your environment.
The time of evolution is NOW.
Your action is to choose which way to make it happen.
Do not expect any short-cuts that will accelerate your process in the growth of consciousness during this shift. You have already shifted. Only becoming caught up in the past (and its associated cultural epithets) will slow you down enough to return you to the lower world of judgment, self-doubt, fear and conflict.
This weekly update was brought to you by the following planetary alignments.
This weekly update was brought to you by the following planetary alignments.
 Come now,
Breathe yourself back into your body.
Come to the present moment.
Make a decision.
Follow through with appropriate action.
Manifest the result you wish to see.
Have an amazing week,
And blessings xx

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  1. There are many layers of rich meaning in your commentary and yet the gist is clearly apparent…resonant frequencies rolled into one and multivalence traversing the new shores upon which we walk. The mantra/poem is so healing…thank you for your vital work.


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