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The Week Ahead: March 28 – April 4

[art: TJ Drysdale]


Are you observing that lately you are overcome with a tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than on fears based on past experiences? Are you losing interest in judging yourself or others? Are you sensing an unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment for what it has to offer, losing any interest in interpreting the actions of others? Are you over any conflict that does not involves you, such as the wars and tribulations in which the outer world seems to be interminably engaged? Are you having frequent, overwhelming bouts of appreciation – finding yourself smiling and embracing things for what they truly are? Feeling an enormous connection to those around you and to nature? Are you content to just let things happen rather than constantly trying to affect them? Most of all, are you experiencing an enhanced susceptibility to the love and joy extended to you by others, feeling an uncontrollable urge to extend it back?

If so, you may be coming down with symptoms that jettison you into the incurable condition of ‘inner peace’. This is a serious condition that arises from an increased practice of mindfulness.

Essentially we are all looking to find inner peace. Our hearts are now screaming to explore this further, and it is through our relationships, and how we choose to communicate through these we learn to unlock some of the doorways towards achieving this and to steer clear from all the pathways of conflict that is happening in our world.

This next week is a real eye-opener in terms of what we have discovered upon our journey towards reaching a point of self-contentment in the face of all the anguish and division that is hovering around us.

Let’s take a look at the effects of this week in detail: (read more, for Cosmic Tribe Members)…..

[pic: oleg oprisco]
[pic: oleg oprisco]

On Monday, you may find that understanding marriage and relationship is very challenging and elusive (Mercury quincunx Juno) and try as you will (and you do make an effort here), there seems to be a real dilemma happening: Seems that each time you think you have found a workable balance between you and that partner, something will change or turn out to be not as you expected, and adaptations will have to be made. This can prove to be quite a frustrating time, but making an effort to communicate and resolve differences can strengthen the relationship and stimulate a lot of personal growth in your affairs with those most significant to you.

As Venus Opposes The North Node on Tuesday, relationships take on a particular twist reeling you into making serious decisions on the overall spiritual purpose – you may have to say goodbye to someone dear, realising that the relationship has reached its full impact and has imparted you with an important life message, particularly pertaining to elements of your behaviour that you really need to leave behind. At the same time, you may become reunited or reignite a connection to someone from your past. Mercury Quincunx to Jupiter only compounds the pressure that you must be more consistent with how you implement ideas and beliefs that are coming in now, learning to let go of old or outmoded principles or those who do not align to your new ways of thinking. The only way to stay in the present is to stay mindful that a lot of what you carry is no longer useful or valid in your current affairs.

On Wednesday, Mercury Trine Saturn calls us to be serious about which way to go, and making some firm decisions on which way to go also entails that we need to be certain that when speaking our truth, we are prepared to follow through with some serious actions – actions that are attentive to the given messages and details of how to but the wheels into motion for a much more determined new direction. Life takes on a new perspective, and we must stay focused on the task before us if we are to proceed to having things work out prosperously. With Venus Conjunct Chiron, there is no better time to put our disciplined mind into our hearts to heal any past hurts in any relationships. Forgiveness, kindness and understanding are the key to bridging the divide with those whom we may have hurt or wronged. Beware that you do not make things worse by going into sensitive areas. New bonds, or renewed love can come out of this exchange, but humility and kindness are necessary to bring soothing and calmness into any open wounds. Mercury Square Pluto aids us with tools, perhaps using assistance from a third party (advise, counselling) to penetrate into the heart of what has caused any disturbances. Also be prepared to deal with criticism about your own behaviour, to be patient and be prepared to listen, as well as trying to influence the situation with your own ideas.

Thursday’s Third quarter Moon creates a climactic point, as the Capricorn Moon calls for some sober and steady action from the storming Aries Sun. If you have handled matters in a messy way, just know that this is neither the time of full-scale confrontation or retreat. A compromise between what you want for yourself versus what the responsible thing to do might be the best solution, and all egos aside, this is an important step towards making a new start in about a week when the Aries New Moon happens next Friday (Apr 8).

Whatever goes on this week, Mercury Conjunct Uranus on Friday, provides the impetus to think outside the box and come up with a whole new course of action. This really is the big test, because the more set you are in your ways, the more this manifests as an enormous upset, and whilst this may spark a whole new direction for you (and others around you) there may be some shocks around this.

[pic: oleg oprisco]
[pic: oleg oprisco]

In all, this is a serious transition period for all of us, during which we are destined to stop and think before proceeding in life. Serious adjustments in our communications and our attitudes are vital if we are to progress towards the next level of relating to those we wish to keep around us. Essentially, the issues of remaining mindful not to veer backwards into outmoded, habitual or unoriginal approaches in our affairs will hit us pretty hard this week, spurring a whole schism of behaviour in which level of consciousness we choose to act by. Do not expect any stability if you are not prepared to make the effort to stay present and accountable in your relationship to what is truly happening around you. Nothing is going to last. You have to make an agreement that what comes with you is prepared to change along with you.

With Neptune sextile Vesta being strong all week, a thrust into higher levels of awareness will allow us greater access into what is necessary to fulfil our spiritual role here, both for ourselves and for those who travel with us. The baggage that we inadvertently keep clinging onto is not welcome on this journey. You must leave it behind, with strong agreement to make amends with the past never to go back for it. If you notice, even just a little, that your perceptions are much more refined and sensitive, you will experience highly inspirational experiences of transcendence that enhance and enrich your faith and devotion to your personal mission. Accepting that you need to express yourself through mysticism, music and various other art forms, will allow you to reflect the greater cosmic or multi-dimensional level of awareness that is ever-present everywhere. Ultimately, for the sake of your evolution, you may forego any commitment to a physical relationship, preferring to focus more of your energies on a more spiritually aligned experience.

[art: TJ Drysdale]

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  1. I love this so much Ang because I really feel lead to stay more focused on my own energies and Spiritual Path…You are such a blessing to me & I’m so grateful for all that you do for the Cosmic Tribe !!!

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