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Wednesday March 9th Eclipsed


In the near aftermath of this total eclipse, you may be experiencing some really heavy-duty emotional processing. Perhaps you are feeling more confused or depleted about what’s going on in your world. Things seem a bit surreal and you’re not too sure about what to believe anymore. Even time itself seems to be warped out like one of those Dali-esque clocks…

CHIRON has much to do with ‘kairos’, a greek word for time which denotes the propitious moment for decision or action. SATURN has more to do with ‘chronos’, the greek word for linear or measured time or living in accordance to a structured plan. JUPITER has much to do with ‘eukairos’, the greek word for a convenient time, opportunity, or basing our goals around our expectations of worldly success.

In this mutually discordant, mutable T-square between the big three time-keepers, activated earlier by this Pisces eclipse, we learn to deeper understand the relative nature of time and how things actually occur in a strangely synchronous, rather than a neat and predictably orderly stream of events.

Things may just seem a bit haywire at the moment as we learn to transition. Don’t let it affect you too deeply.

It’s ok… you totally got this.

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