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Virgo/Virgo Rising

Virgo Pui

Both the Solar and Lunar Eclipse place enormous developmental emphasis on striking a balance between your personal needs and what you want out of a relationship, asking you to really look into the mirror of what you’re putting out there andwhat you come to attract your way.

So are you happy with yourself? Do you appreciate the most amazing things about you? Are you happy with who you are, warts and all? Are you being received as you wish to be, accepted and loved on the grounds of just being yourself, or are you being mistaken for a version of story that neither you nor anybody wants to make an effort believing in any more?

At the heart of all this lies the real question of what actually constitutes your identity – is it the person you believe yourself to be, or does the whole premise of who you are lie wholly upon what others perceive you to be? In any case, you know that that you can be masterful at attracting all sorts of colourful characters, and though sharp and shrewdly analytical as you may be, you still allow them to run circles around you.

This won’t do right now, of course, with your world undergoing some sort of epic crisis, it’s time for you to have the power to lift the veil on all the fairy tales – even if it means exposing the untruths and inconsistencies of those most significant to you. Part of your problem rests on how much you place emphasis on a self-image of being someone who is there to save or carry others who are weaker than you. But if you place yourself in the martyr role, aligning yourself only along those too vulnerable, highly impractical beings, you might find that could actually be creating relationships where neither of you are allowed to spiritually progress to the level that is necessary to deal with reality in any objective sort of way.

If you enable a false notion that someone is incapable of seeing reality unless you spell it out for them, then you play part into a very complex drama where you play some conceited martyr and they are your victim fool. This may be fun for a while, but patently unsustainable. Eventually it will wear you down, and leave your partner completely invalid.

The secret lies in your ability to attune true identification of yourself with all of life. There is no use engaging into the superficial elements of any partnership. Slipping out of all the pretensions and affectations present in your relationships, you are able to cherish the true sacredness of the ‘cosmic marriage’.

It is important to recognise that compassion, humility, kindness and grace come from performing acts in humility towards one another, and either you are working alongside someone who understand the virtue of the sacrifices you must make together or you may soon discover what extraordinary concessions you make in order to satisfy each other’s ego-indulgences.


I now pay special attention to my personal needs for healing and care by acquiring dignity and kindness among those in my social environment.

I now watch my strong, sometimes desperate desire to claim my importance among my contemporaries. I must first demonstrate to myself that I am as competent as others, not the other way around.

I acknowledge that most of the opportunities to realise my future vision will arise from establishing successful contact with friends, associates and fellow workers.

I remain mindful that I do not resent any failed attempts to create my world. I will take any disappointment as a sign that I must plan my objectives with greater consideration to the wishes of others. I must not become bitter or vindictive if I am challenged or meet any setbacks, taking these as a sign that I must work harder to transform any self-defeating remnants of my early childhood conditioning. I am bigger and better than my infantile tendencies to withdraw into my pain body when I do not get my own way.

Although I fervently want the privilege of determining my fate in every way, I now realise that to enjoy such a luxury, I must depend on circumstances and opportunities provided by others. I accept that this is often contradictory to my own needs. I must realise the importance of adjusting to each situation, growing only by proceeding with mindfulness and not choosing to fight an uphill battle the whole time.

I will look to any difficulties faced in my relationship with my parents for any determining sign of toxic behavioural patterns in my affairs. I transcend all dramas here to avoid possibly facing further bitterness and resentment.

I will establish clear goals and guidelines in how I will develop my creative talents and look within myself to find the encouragement and determination I need to succeed (I must not depend on others to motivate me).

I will develop my future vision only through cultivating better relationships with others (including the public), through my management of peaceful negotiations, and by acknowledging that expert counselling, legal and social services are available to me, should I need any assistance in finding solutions to more complex problems in my relationships.

I have the greatest opportunity now to work at exploring myself through my partnerships with others, particularly with one special individual. I must be mindful not to descend unnecessarily into quarrels and petty squabbling.

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