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THIRD QUARTER MOON Blues… (11°Sagittarius48′)

moon in sagittarius, depression, sorrow, sadness, moon aspects, moon astrology, astrology depression, saturn square neptuneHere is the classic precursor to what the world is about to undergo (particularly YOUR world, and how YOU prefer to experience and deal with it) over the NEXT FEW MONTHS.


Because the SUN/MOON midpoint (marriage axis) is active right on the SATURN/NEPTUNE midpoint (depression axis).

What happens?

A negative psychic energy engulfs the entire planet, and for mostly inexplicable reasons causes all sorts of heavy emotional reactions in people – especially those who are largely governed by their emotional reactions. These primarily come from a place of irrational fear, anguish, frustration, paranoia, feeling drained, confusion, listlessness, desperation etc….

When we are emotionally vulnerable, we often turn to depending on situations, relationships that we fancy might restore us into reaching our highest possible ideals… It’s human nature to dream a little dream, especially when we’re down, and whilst we’re there invite others to play along. But the feeling of disappointment, sadness or frustration when we sense that things aren’t stacking up to meet our expectations can eventually just ditch us into deep despair. We get a little taste of that shit now…

What to do?

This transit is actually all a part of the process of the clearing away of any awful confusion and misconceptions. Let’s just say it’s the ‘descent into the quagmire’ part of the process. For things to get clearer – for us to be able to vividly see the just how the subtle forces of oppression actually operate, it seems we need to openly choose to either walk into the full fog that lies ahead, or to actively bypass it.

What’s it going to be?

This experience is nothing less than the realisation of the relationship between our dreams and delusions becoming confronted by the limitations of the physical world. How we deal with it depends largely on how present we are in our conscious ability to make a mature decision that will lead us towards the ability to hold on to our ideals whilst also being able to live them in some practical, grounded way.
◘ How prone are you to being driven by your emotional insecurities when forced to make a decision?
◘ Do you deal with real pressures through escapism, looking for scapegoats, victimhood, martyrdom, quick exits etc?
◘ Or do you take a mature approach, understand that some inconvenient realities must be faced, and take appropriate action to deal with them?

What kind of action?
– here is something prepared just for this moment (for each sign) @http://goo.gl/SMmgyD

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