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Sun March 6th – ECPLISE UPDATE


Yes, there is a strange funk going around in the lead up to this TOTAL event, but please – hold it together now people.

For the time being, DO NOT start anything new, launch upon a big decision, make a jerky switch to a whole new direction – the results may be fucking horrendous.

Chances are, you already know which way you’re heading – it’s been cooking for months. Tendency with this Pisces eclipse will be to find an escape, but watch that effort become soon thwarted.

The only way OUT is IN now, so don’t be a weak fuck’n’run. Stay focused through your breathing.

Focus on your powerful ability to connect to the higher spirit of every miserable thing you see (meditative/contemplative) and learn to use your heart-lazer to do some cosmic fusion.

We are one.

…more eclipse tips, for my Tribe xx @https://angstoic.com/2016/03/eclipses/



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