[pic: Oleg Oprisco]
Oh my god, look at me, am I falling apart?
How do I reconcile with this broken lost heart?
The decisions I’ve made left me empty and old
As I look at this world, it seems distant and cold
Take one look at me now, feel the mess that i’m in
Let me tell you my story, now, where to begin:
Had a pretty tough childhood, I was misunderstood
I was used and abused, broken, damaged and torn
from my mummy’s own bosom before I was born
I was beaten at school and they called me strange names
I was never invited to join in their games
Wasn’t guided to study or do what I loved
I was told that my chances were poor from the start
When i tried to get work i was treated like dirt
And my body soon riddled with anguish and hurt
You might probably say I was desperate in love
for i married too early, when push came to shove
though was badly mistreated, I had nowhere to go
so i stayed for the kids, bless them, what did they know
At the end of that nightmare I married again
but was swindled for everything – typical men
After six operations and a string of romances
that left nothing but heartache and half-promised advances
Now i’m like that old woman who lives in the shoe
All i got is these memories, so I’m counting on you
Won’t you please help me out, I am looking for healing,
do you have something strong, that can take out this feeling?
Or just take me to some place that’s not quite as savage
Let me jump in your car, I’ll just go grab my baggage…



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