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Lunar Eclipse at 3°17′ Libra, March 23, 11:38 UTC

Full Moons are a time of great awareness, culmination or endings brought about by intense personal reflection. Since this is not just a regular Full Moon but a Lunar Eclipse, the effect of its influence is much longer lasting, and as this airy Libra Moon is in aspect to the fiery personal planets Mercury in Aries (opposition) and Mars in Sagittarius (sextile), it promises a heatedly emotional period of impassioned communication, arguing and mental conflict. It is a time when constructive and/or destructive debate between us quickly escalates to indignant, righteous levels, agitating our nervous systems into a broadly defensive fight, and whether we are into the art of politics and smooth negotiations or not, we become rather pressed to take a look at our ability to react in a pointed, hasty and assertive manner, especially when feeling obliged to speak out our truth, or ‘humble opinion’, as Librans are only too obliging to offer, often without provocation at all.

So, after the boundary dissolving couple of weeks since the Pisces Solar eclipse, this could become a bit of a time where certain lines in the sand become marked, particularly in the old-fashioned, masculine, territorial pissing sense.

Here we go… [sigh]

The Libra Moon’s emotional need to vividly express how the heart feels, affected by the mentally aggressive Mercury/Mars trine, urges us all to let the inner anger out, verbally of course. An instinctive urge to address matters of inter-dependency upon others, especially our partners, is mixed in with a passionate desire to argue or to speak our minds when feeling vulnerable, weak, insecure or acting from an emotional place.

You might have noticed lately that we are entering a period where there are few filters or limitations being employed in the usual process of building or destroying connections. Examples abound, both in the personal and political arenas, where using communication in a combative and/or a stimulating manner, whether for ‘good’ or ‘ill’, inspires us to find a way to argue more masterfully.

The Aries Sun’s opposition to the Moon significantly highlights the contrast between the conscious, urgent call to action and the unconscious emotional response –  an instinctive dependence to stick to a politically correct behaviour which, when unchecked or underdeveloped can develop into a crippling sense of indolence, practical ineffectiveness or a ‘civil’ inertia. There is a pressing urge now to overcome this a provide a more focused agenda, one that sticks to what is most important when we are getting our point across, and to say what is on our mind without fear.

And so the bash is on. And it could get ugly in this intent…

In this, we see the evolutionary rise of the much more aggressively egotistical communicator, or in the purest form, the emergence of a direct angelic messenger whose sole objective is to get the salient point across, without frills and fanfares, no sugar-coated politics, just the straight message, to its blood and guts core, to say it and begone.


Jupiter in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius (exact)

On the same day (23 March), we will experience the second of three exact Jupiter/Saturn squares (the final square is at end of May), where principles of morality – guidelines about how we live our lives – become the hottest talking point among us, creating massive rifts in ideological belief, both ethically and politically.

We all tend to have grand dreams, but during this period we might be lacking any real clues about how to apply the discipline and effort to attain these, preferring instead to argue and debate about it with those around us. There is a pronounced tendency, particularly during these next 2-3 months, to look for quick solutions to our frustrating situation, or to engage in “get rich quick” schemes rather than to make any consistent and disciplined attempts to lay down a firm, steady foundation for our future. We see many people here, particularly those stuck in process-driven or labour-laden lifestyles (Virgo), resisting all academic, religious or legal conventions and authorities (Sagittarius), and starting to believe in following their own, hope-driven ways. In the end, these will prove unsuccessful because their expectations were unrealistic to begin with. Typically, with such an aspect, any resistance to authority and discipline may seriously bring detrimental future consequences and undermine any genuine attempt to find sustainable solutions to those things that cause unhappiness or frustration.

Uranus in Aries separating square to Pluto in Capricorn (2°S09′)

As we have seen, some serious agitation has been developing over the past 3 years with Uranus in square with the powerfully controlling and corruptive powers of Pluto. A struggle between the forces of autonomous independence versus corporate, patriarchal control has taken place on every level – from the global, social, personal, even down to the most minuscule, cellular/atomic level. Whether it’s race, creed or gender, religious, political, socio-economic or sexual – the revolution has not only begun, it is truly on a roll. In the conflicting challenges between the self against his culture, we have come to experience the greatest shift of human consciousness in all recorded history.

This Lunar Eclipse, being a time of enhanced awareness, reflection and realisation, provides the clear, climactic turning point in that we are now not only aware of what’s going on, but it is also time for everyone on earth to actually do something about it.

However, if our reaction simply becomes rebellion for its own sake, the results can be quite destructive.

Full Moon Message:

The opportunity to choose how you experience this world for yourself has now arrived. This is now a time to act. It is no longer a time of anticipation, of worry or fear…

Whatever you choose to focus on, whatever you choose to observe right now, will very much depend upon the filters or lenses that you employ to view the world around you. Are these helping you to gain a holistic glimpse or are these blindsiding you to all the available opportunities to make a balanced, liberating decision on how to act?

Now, more than ever, the things that you place your intention upon – whatever you think, value or observe, is exactly what is going to manifest for you.

So be very mindful now of how you choose to see your world – pay special attention to the value judgements that you impose onto the dualities and polarities (eg. good vs evil, etc.) – the lenses that you continue to filter your world through.

These are end times.

A NEW WORLD is emerging.

How will you choose to see it?

The world, as we are experiencing it, has clearly shifted into two distinct levels of consciousness. One level of consciousness is grasping doggedly to control us through domination, using the old dominion terror and fear. Another level holds the belief that there is a higher, more respectful, most compassionate and co-operative state of being – one that is more inclusive and veers away from the divisive, fear-based tactics of the first.

These two levels of human consciousness create a bi-lateral world, one which may possibly fuse together into an eventual higher state of understanding, or it may split in two, allowing those stuck in the lower dimensional world of judgement and control to literally tear each other apart through conflict and war. Nobody can stop this if this is how it has to be, but those who have already chosen to act from the higher dominion of compassion and kindness will, through their dignity and humility, experience a new joy and happiness – a kind of heaven on earth.

Although the times ahead look set to be filled with anguish, pain and challenges for many, you are now blessed with the power to make the kinds of choices that, according to your own level of consciousness and understanding, allow you to take the higher road of manifesting a much more cohesive, determined course of embodied enlightenment. You do not have to be a Buddha or a Jesus to experience this today. This lighter consciousness is now available to all of us. To release the karmic pain imposed only by our culture (and its accompanying baggage), we will either fight desperately to hang on to those things that no longer serve us, because we have come to depend on these so much that we do not know any other way, or we will simply choose to let go and to move with the light.

Come now, release the baggage and feel free to walk the road ahead, again…

and enjoy this glorious Full Moon.

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