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Sat March 26th – SATURN Rx (reflections on a world ruled by judgement and fear)

Message to the 3D MAN:

The main reason you work so hard to dominate the physical world is because you have been conditioned by your culture to believe that only through securing material successes and possessions can you ever attain and maintain the ‘love and respect’ of your peers, your parents, your wife and daughters, whilst inadvertently instilling into your sons that this is the only way to attract any prospective suitors for their own 3D dream.

Sure, there are spoils to being a ‘good provider’ but the anxiety of living under threat that someone richer, more powerful than you is going to out-trump you, makes this particular ‘game of life’ fraught full of barbs of disappointment, frustration and depression if you miss out on collecting ‘first-prize’.

You may even think that by becoming the biggest cog in the reality-machine is going to award you with the greatest lever to secure your masculinity over other men, but, my dear fellow, if that is what you truly believe, then great despair awaits you at some point… perhaps sooner than you know…


saturn retrograde, saturn in sagittarius, sadness, depression, 3D reality, 3rd dimension, male, man, father, timeThe truth for you is about to unfold – that there is always, always, going to be that someone who has it over you on this level. No matter how much you have conquested and conquered through divisive and competitive behaviour, someone will always stand to own you in this realm.

Someone who actually owns the ENTIRE time-piece itself.

Your peace can never be found inside that piece.

Unless you can become whole within yourself, your masculinity will always be measured as a mere piece of something greater than yourself.

Somehow, somewhere within, you know this.
That’s why you stand divided, constantly at war with yourself.

Wise up, old cock.
Your house can no longer stand this way.

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