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Thursday, March 24th – CHIRON & CERES on the SOUTH NODE

[pic: vanessa allan co.]
Alienation from a parent creates enormous wounding that is almost impossible to heal if not treated mindfully. Effectively, the child who completely loses a parent, becomes stripped of half its influence of love, nurturance and spiritual guidance, developing some serious identity problems later in life.

Yet, what else can we do? Society is still so fucked up, still deeply affected by violence, abuse, control and manipulation that we feel like there is no other way but to shut the other parent out completely sometimes.

Those affected must to learn to give themselves the nurturing they lacked during their own childhood. They can reconnect to their parental separation wounds through contacting their own inner-child. In this exercise of self-soothing and soul-retrieval, we also learn how to show nurturance to any children experiencing similar effects of parental alienation or abandonment today.

By journeying into the heart of your own, discontented inner-child you can find keys, tools or insights that will not only release you from the pain of your own experience, but help you to reach out to the many children in your world who are experiencing such a similar identity wounding.

Our kids are the ones who will bring forth the full manifestation of our dream. Help them to heal today.

Re-connect, through the heart of a child.

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