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Cancer Moon tricks off Uranus/Pluto square ~ A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W

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Who here is feeling deeply conflicted about delving into the more vulnerable areas of their psyche?

Who here would prefer to keep analysis and insight to the mere level of theory and ideals, and often goes to all extremes to avoid exposing their own psychological dynamics?

Who here might have conflicts over power and freedom within their personal relationship, where one of you is, say, an independent, free thinker with expansive ideals and visions (but prefers to remain emotionally inaccessible) while the other is an intense and possibly intrusive motherfucker, who seeks only to penetrate into the deepest, most personal levels of intimacy and sharing?


If any of the above are playing havoc with your personal life, maybe it’s time you recognised and accepted that both your agile mind and your blessed heart must be treated as equal, co-expressive partners in your life and chose to make room for both of them at once.

Otherwise, any conflicts you face on this level simply becomes rebellion for its own sake, and that can only lead you down the path of destruction.

But then, you knew that didn’t you?

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[pic: Cristina Otero]

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