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Fri March 25th – Aries SUN/MERCURY trine MARS in Sadge

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It’s one thing, of course, to come to an a-mazing place, where your decision is so clear about which direction you are going to take.

That in itself is an admirable state, but what we are blessed with now is the impetus and drive to put that whole mojo into action.

Step 1: Come together – mind, body and soul (become centred)
Step 2: Make a decision on which way you’re going to go with it.
Step 3: Take a step in the direction you have chosen to go
Step 4: Take another step…
Step 5 – final Step: keep going until you have achieved a determined result.

Once you take the bold stand to do something unprecedented, the entire universe rallies around you to see it come to fruition. Nothing can stop you.

See this in every step you take.

[TIP NOW: The direct route is preferable, even if there appear to be obstructions]

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