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Thurs March 3rd – SUN semi-square VESTA – “Seeking of solitude”


You may find yourself losing all patience with religion, and other people’s hokey devotional interests seem like they’re grating on you – interfering with your dreams. It may be hard to understand or make sense of another’s gods or totems, or visa versa for that matter.

Not surprising then if just want to slip away quietly into your own little retreat. Particularly so, if anyone tries to encroach their outlandish beliefs into your life right now…

A deep devotional journey along your own, true, spiritual life-path may be spurred off mostly by a disdain and resignation for any jaded, glamourised promises of hope and glory of an almost faded faith over some seemingly worthless holy cow.

There is also some awareness of just how difficult it is to integrate our spiritual and material needs and values. Just know, that when the two can be consolidated wisely, they can become a source of great strength.

This is today’s challenge.

…. more updates @https://angstoic.com/2016/02/10135/


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