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Tuesday, 2 Feb – SUN square JUNO

sun square juno, juno astrology, juno marriage, healthy relationship, juno asteroid, asteroid juno astrologyA reminder to those who seem so absorbed into their relationship that they risk losing themselves. A reminder to those who are screaming that their own personal needs are not being met, or who feel suffocated by their special union.

Important to remember that you can keep your relationship intimate, intensely passionate whilst maintaining your strong individuality, following your own creative purpose, accomplishing personal goals.

It is vital to hold your individual integrity within the confines of even the most fulfilling union with another. Stay in tune with yourself.

This is not necessarily a time to pose ultimatums. It is a time to find a balance between meeting your partnership needs and your own, very important pursuits.

Exercise a heathy level of detachment within your attachment.

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