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NEW MOON at 19°16′ Aquarius, 8th February 2016, 14:38 UCT

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With each New Moon we find the perfect time to launch a new idea, one that we can work on and develop and fine tune that might enhance our lives in some way. Being the start of the lunar cycle, how New Moon affects our own horoscope provides a clue into which area in our lives we will focus our intention to generate a new beginning. The combined effect between the Sun and Moon in conjunction means that our conscious desire unites together with an instinctive urge to ignite and infuse a whole-hearted effort to try something completely new and wonderful – to really want to make something happen for ourselves. So in many ways, New Moon is a most exciting time of the month. It is the time when we become most invigorated to set a new intention.

Aquarius – that cool, detached, straight-shooting, forward-thinking constellation, which takes everything and energises it with a wide-eyed vision for a brighter, more cohesively utopian tomorrow is similarly as exciting. Much more about Aquarius here, but the whole picture brewing on the horizon with a New Moon in Aquarius is that this is indeed an exciting time, and what we are about to embark upon now has all the innovative and futuristic trimmings to either accelerate our world into a much-needed improved state of affairs, or simply turn our entire world upside-down completely, leaving it in a haywire state of reformist, revolutionary, anarchic disarray.  It’s hard to tell at this point exactly how it’s going to turn out (much depends on our level of awareness (bear in mind the Uranus – ruler of Aquarius is in retrograde, albeit in sextile to this New Moon). Hence the element of surprise with anything Aquarius. Either way, whatever happens, promises not to be dull. The cool, visionary water-bearer is seldom dull – it likes to err on the side of shocking disruptiveness, ushering epic upsets with its introduction of change via its innovative breakthroughs and group-consensus movements.


This particular Aquarius New Moon on Monday 8th February is challenged by a tight square (00°S35′) to the not so cool Mars in Scorpio – a deeply brooding, emotionally tensed-up force which is also fixated with change itself, but with a much more personally obsessive agenda. Here in Scorpio, fiery Mars is a secretly controlling little fighter who is determined to have his way at all costs, who along with ‘traditional marriage goddess’ asteroid Juno (conjunction 04°S54′) has a deep design to sequester, entrap and devour its subject, employing any terminally binding agreement that  helps relinquish any ties to its ‘victim’s’ former self. It seeks to assert itself by pinning down its subject and (somehow) merging its life force into it.

Naturally, this fully defies the ethos of the fully detached, more progressive, freedom-loving, network-focused Aquarius Moon. What we may quite strongly see is the desperate struggle between our expressed feelings for freedom and aloofness versus strong, subversive instinct to survive by use of subtle and intent manipulation  verging closely towards ruthlessly underhanded exploitation. Both sides want to win, and since the New Moon has decided to go with its nature and move into more abstract concepts, Mars wages a fierce and dogged battle to distract (or destruct) in order to secure a binding ‘win at all costs’. Could be a nasty tussle, and though the New Moon usually has the votes to move the project forward, it shows here that any new venture starting now could become dogged by classic encumbrances such jealousies, grudges and ongoing emotionally/psychologically controlling factors.

There’s a lot going on in the 3D world that demonstrates this banked up aggression against modern evolution – from the Arabs and their oil supply to the global economy to the strange things in the American presidential campaign… not to mention the state of the global climate (is it warming or cooling??).

Anyway, Mars has some allies in this game – sextiles to Venus (00°S44′) making him sexually irresistible and politically charming, Pluto (02°S20′) adds indefatigably resourceful (obscenely rich and well-connected), and with Jupiter/Node in Virgo (02°A17′) there is a rallying support by the ‘working class’ to infuse his campaign into swelling levels of exorbitant over-estimation, elevated with a karmic sense of ‘cosmic fatedness’. 

The New Moon’s strongest ally here is the aforementioned sextile to its ruler Uranus (01°S52′), encouraging an ever more innovative individuality – the need to break away from any controlling elements, and charging this whole ‘New Moon intention’ with a freakish element of surprise (to say the least).

So, we see a real epochal struggle forming between two very distinct forces now. Both fixed. Both on the path to making things change. Not really sure how it’s going to turn out (remember, depends on how ‘enlightened’ or ‘aware’ of the great truths we are). On a deeply existential level, it’s the pain of jealousy and losing possession vs the fear of making any ongoing commitment. These earthly themes have been wrestling among us for weeks now (some would argue for years), culminating to a frenzied tipping-point well beyond that of just a mere existential dilemma.

These ‘possession/detachment’ themes are the real glue of the three-dimensional universe. A universe which has rested strongly on keeping it together by forcing into our psyche into believing that our entire security comes from clinging on to one another. A universe which is fast collapsing due to the inefficacy of its binding agents – fear, terror, resentment, anger, jealousy, hatred, division, abandonment, slander, isolation…

The mere notion of losing our externally provided comforts and possessions (some might say crutches) can send the mind into a torturous frenzy, and leave the heart so crippled with horror that it ceases to want to keep beating. Yet, on the other hand, we all know what it’s like to be plagued, psychically possessed by something that threatens our spiritual freedom, to be intimidated by someone who threatens to take away the liberty of our soul by applying the overwhelming pressure of the exterior world.

Fight or flight.

How do you fight the horror of rejection, abandonment?
How do you escape the terror of emotional, psychological suffocation?

The great human paradox of our times is that whilst we are fast learning that essentially all our pain emanates from our unhealthy attachments, we still refuse to let go, even when it’s patently obvious that sometimes the pain from these is killing us. It’s what separates us from the wild animals – our ability to endure suffering thanks to our civil domestication and adherence to the contracts and constitutions which hold us into place.

The recent Lilith Cross (peaked Jan 22-23) brought up many of our repressed ‘nasties’ out into the open. These then proceeded (thanks to Mercury’s station on Pluto (rare event) to become the matter of some deep processing within our inter-relational affairs. Lots of heavy talk, gun to-the-head sort of ultimatums, and dramas in general have ensued in this very tense past fortnight. Also, huge revelations in the themes of loyalty, devotion and commitment, precipitating all kinds of dilemmas over what we are being forced to adhere to and what do we believe is no longer serving us.

In many ways, this New Moon brings a sudden, massive awareness around what we need in order to express our freedom.

What does that word even mean… freedom? Sounds like something out of a Bob Marley tune to many.
What is freedom if not the ability to make choices for yourself, decide what’s best for you, say what you want to say, be who you want to be, go where you choose to go – no prejudices, no boundaries…. in short, act according to your own wishes?
Do we truly experience freedom in our lives?
Is it total freedom?
If so, what are the costs that we pay to have this freedom, what sort of sacrifices do we make, to ourselves, others, the whole planet?

Here, in a place and time where we are capable of being the awakened humans that we know we are (right?), we are finally capable of making a choice that suits us best – a choice that pays total respect to all our kind, and works splendidly, not just for now but for all posterity.

Do you think you can do that?

What will be your New Moon intention for the 8th February 2016?

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