A little prelude of what will become increasingly stronger now until the build-up to the MUTABLE CROSS on June 4. Things can’t keep going up, up, up for too long and we are sensing that all that phoney inflatedness and hyperspeculation (Jupiter/Neptune) being spun by most of us – that things are apparently better when we sugar-coat them – starts to wear really thin. As Saturn has been exactly on the midpoint of this opposition this entire last week, the realisation dawns on us all that to be excessively idealistic means to become ready for an imminent let down.

A little FEAR – that our exorbitant ideals will not be realised – is all that’s necessary to shake the tree of all those emotionally low-hanging fruits, and once THEY hit the ground – watch the rot start to set down below.

The real message of course, for all you aspiring ANGELS, is that you need to be patient. Be careful and circumspect if you are to attain those ideals. Whatever your ideals are, they are certainly not based on this fast dissolving 3D existence of materialism, consumerism and trumped up politics about us/them, ours/theirs, winners/losers…

…the real ideal is to exercise love and compassion into every aspect of our daily routine. The real test at the moment is whether we are able to see both the mystical and the real side of things. Mysticism, magic and angels are only good if they can help to guide us in how to make sense of this perceived reality.

Are we operating at the optimum level of awareness, or does the road ahead look a little caged off?

…feeling a little stuck? let me see now…


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