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Monday, 8 Feb, MOON Waning Crescent in AQUARIUS


The vast majority of what is happening in the world at this minute has NOTHING to do with you…

So why are you reacting to it? Why is it that you keep feeding the energetic currency that lives and breeds off the pain and misery of your concern? Ultimately it comes down to your agreement to either continue or to cease worrying about things like your ‘culture’, your ‘government’, your ‘country’, your ‘issues’ and your ‘wars’…

Check it out… I mean really, deeply look at what possesses you like a sentient, sane human being – are any of these things really ‘YOURS’ to worry about?

If so, what will you decide is the best action that YOU can take to fix these problems?

Start by deciding that you will no longer expend any of your sweet emotions to thoughts and ideas that simply do not concern YOU. Detach your beautiful soul from the parasitic energy vampires that are plugged deep into your psyche.

Make a choice to stop worrying and watch the problems of YOUR world simply dissipate and dissolve back into the ether…

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