Friday, 5 Feb – MID-WEEK UPDATE

vesta conjunct Uranus, vesta astrology, astrology 2016, OK, now hate to be the wise-ass astrologer guy who said “I told you so”, so I won’t. In truth, astrologers just call them, they can’t prevent them. Nobody on earth can help you if you do not make some effort to help yourself.

Similarly, nobody in the world can ever control your destiny unless you give them some permission (this does not apply to minors). Further to this, how canyou ever control the world if you cannot even control yourself (even though yes, you might think you control your kids and domesticated pets too).

We said it all in the ‘Week Ahead’ (https://angstoic.com/2016/01/8902/) last Sunday – it’s going to be an intense week. Maybe read that again. Perhaps make some notes. Take special note how it says “things get more intense by this weekend”.

So, just a little mid-week note: Yes, it is important to find out who you really are and what it is you really have to give, but doing so can take some time and THAT requires patience. On the other hand you could really damage your nervous system by repressing the urge to be free. So here is the conundrum – how can you use your unusual experiences of awakening and glimpses into other dimensions of time and alternate realities effectively without upsetting your routine? How to introduce your own unique vision of spirituality without wrecking everything you cherish?

Things may get incredibly intense in the next 2-3 days, and if you think you’re feeling weird already, you’ve seen nothing. Is there any way of avoiding gunfights and bloodshed (metaphorically/literally) in our world now? Depends how possessive, obsessive, compulsive we let ourselves become. Things have to get tense for a reason, and they become so because we are at the critical stages of a phenomenal new phase of our evolution.

You see, it is about the way we relate to one another. We must either become magically adept at divining whatever the DUCK is going on inside the mind of one another, learn to love and forgive any of their bizarre anomalies and leave each other be, without trying to change them… OR… we can learn to express ourselves to one another with great depth, vulnerability and an openness to expose our deepest feelings without the fear of being crushed.

What’s it going to be?

Can you handle this in a mature, honest and brave manner, or must it all turn into some twisted Hitchcock bathroom scenario?

In any case (and things may turn terminally wild if someone turns all ugly & possessed – just look at the eyes) repeated adjustments and readjustments may become the long-term fallout of any affairs that don’t sit well over the next few days.

Hmmm… interesting (so despise that word).

Take it easy.

I’ll be here, anyway,



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  1. Hi Ang,

    Can you please date your posts..please?
    Sometimes I cannot figure out what (days) they apply to.
    Please and thank you in advance:)

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