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Fri -19 Feb – NEXT 24 HOURS – MOON/MARS on 23° NODAL AXIS

[art: ‘Every choice is hard’ by Dariusz Klimczak]
Jeezers… talk about touchy!

From time to time there’s actually a real need to hook with those with whom you can eventually sense there’s going to be conflict. There are times when any pent up anger seething deep down within needs to come up and find release. And though that may not look the prettiest, it’s actually healthy.

This may sound strange, but there are people who come along just to deliberately push your buttons, rouse you out of a good ol’ “evolutionary slump” and give your spirit a right fucking ass-kicking. Helps get you so inflamed that you emerge in all hostility out of any festering, out-worn comfort zone and out into the light of day. Actually forces you see how you were really clinging to the toxic patterns of past – a complacency, or emotional immaturity which actually retards the entire plight of this planet’s progress towards the next level.

The next 24 hours will see lots of action, lots of emotional exchanges between both individuals and groups, young and old – watch people become touchy, and how they can react all crazy when their vulnerabilities have been all stirred up. Watch people who are usually very meek come to assert themselves rather defensively, and notice too how even the most deeply entrenched into their emotional grooves now become prized out of their crab-holes and join the procession to face up to the choices forced by the swelling tides change…

[FULL MOON on February 22, 2016 is at 3º Virgo] [SOLAR ECLIPSE on March 9, 2016 is at 19º Pisces] [LUNAR ECLIPSE on March 23, 2016 is at 3º Libra]

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