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Aries/Aries Rising ~ Weekly Horoscope 14 – 21 Mar

[art: the dancing zodiac by aquasixio]
[art: the dancing zodiac by Aqua Sixio]

Any uncertainty and doubt you may experience now creeps in to spoil your ability to shine in whatever your dreams may hold.

Trying to convince us that you are capable of attaining your visions seems challenged by the unconscious signals you put out to the world that in truth, you are not only confounded by certain matters but, at the same time, you’re finding it tougher than usual to clearly define exactly what it is you want to achieve.

And it’s not enough to just go with it… fake it till you make it. You need to be sure.

But to be ‘sure’ is not a commodity that’s easily afforded to you lately, and it seems like a whole crew is working behind the scenes to challenge your clearest notions of what being sure is all about.

Many people have such anxieties, but usually they’re motivated to get over them. This week, something mysterious is quietly working away, seemingly behind your back, secretly undermining your confidence and undoing your effort to deal with any responsibility you try to take in order to bring your creative ventures to some rationally linear flow.

Do you know what that might be?

Well, in truth it’s actually you. Your mind has you convinced that you need somebody’s approval, perhaps a parent or an authority figure, before you can take appropriate action. So intrinsically, in your subconscious mind, you have become quietly distracted or you have lost interest in what you were doing. Eventually this lets all sorts of elements into you endeavour to spoil your best outcome.

If your heart’s not in something – if you are purely motivated from a mental notion that you need to do this ‘because…’ and it is not for your own best interests, then you start to invite errors and mistakes.

 And so, yes, you have to make decisions, but sometimes, if necessary, you need to fail too so that you don’t ever make the same mistake again.

Unless you step into your own freedom and independence, you’ll never really know the joys of true success. You might be surprised to know that many of your friends and associates actually admire you for all the genuine knowledge and wisdom that you bring into the world through your authentic actions, especially where it’s most needed. Sometimes you forget or underestimate this.

Come on – rise above trying to appease others – meditate yourself back to the validity that lies within – even if it seems like it’s going against your basic programming. Have more faith in your own abilities, or just take a rest if you think you don’t have the energy to do things your way. Being impeccable means not acting against your own best interests.

It’s your misguided actions that work against you.

Acting from a place of certainty will not only improve, but help you to master your self-image.

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