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Prelude to the Solar Eclipse

astrology, soul retrieval, shaman, spiritual guidance, inner child, healingFeeling a bit cut off? Like a part of you is missing?

Perhaps when you were young, during some grief or shock, a small but very important fragment of your soul – a cheerful, happy inner child that loved the life and was excited to be living it with you here in your body became disconnected from yourself.

Perhaps, through the trauma, this inner child felt a little wounded or betrayed and broke away from your etheric body, fleeing into hiding.

Where did it go? Back up to the greater Spirit – where it felt safe.

Somewhere, hovering above in the astral plane, are all the broken pieces of our souls – never quite consciously re-integrated back into our higher self or into our body, just waiting for us to complete our incarnation here on earth.

So here you are, on many days, wistfully drifting through this life, looking for something to appease you, to distract you, to regroup you into the forgotten enthusiasm that you once felt. You are looking to re-member your self.

If you are experiencing random thoughts, stuck in impulsive behaviours that seem incoherent and which drive you into actions that seem self-defeating, or disruptive, just know that it is your fragmented self trying to reach you. You are almost aware that you are not feeling complete, not knowing why, but feeling unable to successfully fulfil your soul’s mission here on this planet.

Almost aware… which is close to being aware, but not fully aware.

Part of you is missing…

So how do you retrieve those soul pieces?

You must focus with intent, and either seek guidance (healers, shamanic guides) or through your meditation technique. Create a passage, a ritual to welcome the lost fragments of the inner child back into your wholeness. Work with this, slowly regaining full consciousness that your soul’s intrinsic purpose is to remain whole and to experience a full connection between your body and your higher self.

This is the primary relationship necessary before any other relationships you choose to make. The full communion between your higher and lower self is vital before you can begin to obtain any true satisfaction from your world.

Only in this re-connection will you again feel the sense of purpose and excitement that you are following you soul’s destiny in this life. Only in this will you fully restore your spirit to live truly in the now.

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