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[art-Cat in the Hat- by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu]
In case you tried to miss it,
to desperately ignore,
in case you were so fast asleep
too deafened by your snore
in any case, or any pace, your purpose wasn’t clear
or if they tried, unjustified to force you to adhere
let it be shown that you have grown too wary to be blind
and by the glimmer of a spark you’re wise to your own kind
you can achieve those things you want
your ego won’t impede
and similarly, tables turned, your selfish ways secede
it may take but a little work, some diligence to see
that in your destined path to grow
you’re part of the whole tree
not just the roots that stabilise the structure that’s above
that feed with juicy nutrients those stems and leaves, with love
the real growth goes where love bestows
its most anointing light
and like a tree’s new shoots and fruits
emerging in their plight
adhere right here, steer your career
towards the stars up high
and blossom like a blessed bloom
your Self exemplify


© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016

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