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Saturday 13 Feb, yod, MARS/JUPITER on VESTA

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The incendiary force to penetrate to the heart of all matter is combined with ardent enthusiasm, excellent judgement and the desire to make real changes in the way you act by methodically working through any problem.

What is it you need to do now?

Analyse what’s eating you down to its root cause – take it apart to the finest, minutest particle and then disintegrate all matter that appears impure, inefficient or untrue for you. This combination of starry influences produces an unstinting effort to get done what must get done, and move on, once and for all.


Because if this is NOT sorted and dealt with now you will be left behind…

Adulterated by the engrams of your cultural past – aspersions, denigrations, slurs and insults that got stuck inside your personal operating system, ultimately became the very scourge upon your precious spirit to shine truly, brightly, purely as the most amazing version of your Self that you could be.

Let’s face it. Your culture was never kind to you. It was NEVER your friend. Your culture pissed all over your dreams, perverted your mind with its own manias of consumerism and the mindless pursuit for popular celebrity, placed you out into the outer margins of your world and told you that you weren’t ‘enough’ to join.

Retrace exactly where your inner child picked up that awful, self-defeating baggage.

Time to leave all that ‘bogeyman’ nonsense behind and step forward into the liberating light of this moment.



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One comment

  1. That image perfect.. resonated..
    Indeed my/our culture did no favours,I was deeply hurt not by the abuse I fell into (lust ed) no one responded.

    I feel there are material as well a spiritual.. I have spilt energy/leaked energy in the most extreme way, I really got a lot prods and when shining, kind of puts you of..

    I think those left behind will not be due to trust/spirit but money/land, which is a bit ironic when I look at my beautiful and ind choices..

    Crowley says: piscus is calm water and saturn deadens it further..

    0mmmmm 0mmmm 0mmm (vibrating the universe)

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