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WEEK AHEAD: Feb15 – 22

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Things chill out considerably this week, with Venus joining the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. Themes of group activity, progress and reform for the collective ‘good’ are prevalent, but with the Quarter Moon in Taurus today, we see the struggle between our desire to achieve our goals, hopes, aspirations versus those entrenched old-world ways that keep our lives conservative, predictable and secure. We can’t have both so some compromises are necessary.


The Sun moves into Pisces by the end of the week (Friday) and slips us into a state of dissolution out of what our egos seem to cling to most (what are those things for you?), so much begins to disseminate and loosen up in ways which (still), with Scorpio Mars we fight desperately to possess and control.


Culture is the big ticket item at the moment, and the dilemma posed by Jupiter quincunx Vesta/Uranus over its long-term value on our devotion to our individual freedoms turns into a real personal matter when, by the weekend the Sun crosses into the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square. We expect to see another major energetic download, shifting our consciousness higher into understanding the crippling/liberating forces of the fourth dimensional field. Our ability to stay in the moment, with full awareness, is our only weapon against the tendency to become invaded and controlled by the curses and destructive thoughts of others.


Some work is necessary, it is certainly not the easiest week, but manageable if we keep out forward-thinking caps on and gently focus on releasing ourselves from the clutches of anything that does not make sense to us right now.


Remember, the vast majority of what is happening in the world at this minute has nothing to do with you… So why are you reacting to it?


Focus on your own piece – see what you can do about the things before you. Ask yourself whether you can change them or perhaps just come to let them go. Time to move forward on this journey, one step at a time, and nicer to do this with those who are going in the same direction, at the same pace as you.


I have included the full transit readings for The Week Ahead for all registered  ‘Cosmic Dancers’ users (free access on registration) and for the Cosmic Tribe, I have included a special in-depth, Cosmic Horoscopes to guide you through the critical points this week.


Enjoy, and have an amazing week. (please read on if you are a registered user)


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