Virgo/Virgo Rising ~ Weekly Horoscope 14 – 21 Mar

[art: the dancing zodiac by aquasixio]
[art: the dancing zodiac by Aqua Sixio]

It seems at times, in your desire to get ahead and gain the honour and recognition that you feel is deserved for all your hard work, that you become challenged by individuals who are impossible to please.

Makes you wonder whether all the effort you make is worth the unpleasantness that you have to endure from others.

It happens…

Nevertheless, dealing with the doubters and the hecklers as well as the deserters and the ungrateful few is very important right now. If anything, it helps you to learn ways in which to protect yourself from any negative, undermining, deeply hurtful entities that come to challenge your way. Just know this – that withstanding undesirable conditions is sometimes part of the journey. It has to become instinctively obvious that meeting such challenges skilfully, amicably and with compassion will propel you forward to become better equipped and more capable of handling yourself – not just in social situations, but in your most significant partnerships too. Forgiveness of those who show ingratitude is also an important, and very useful life skill (among your more practical assets) to possess.

What you will ultimately learn is that trying to live up to other peoples’ expectations cannot possibly work for you unless you are actually living up to your own fullest potential. This, and only this, is going to be your saving grace when looking to derive any true satisfaction from the things that you want to achieve. Sometimes you have to give for the sake of giving alone, and feedback (positive or not) is not the driving motive. In the end, your ability to sacrifice is the big challenge for you.

Also, try not to compare your own achievements with those of others – especially your direct competitors. It may complicate any creative decisions you have to make, particularly when it comes to your career direction. Perhaps it is advisable that you sit and meditate on what your best options might be, all by yourself.

By uncompromisingly following your own intuition, and maintaining full composure in any challenge, you will learn to overcome any adversity during this time.

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