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Mars in Sagittarius

Mars = the force we employ to protect our individual entity from becoming compromised, invaded or usurped by the will of another entity.

What happens when that fiery, masculine inner warrior goes from dark and moody Scorpio, into righteous Sagittarius, then back to Scorpio, and then back out to Sagittarius again? It’s been happening since the start of this year, building to quite a climax by November.

Will the masculine world ever be the quite same? Read on…..

Mars first bout in Scorpio in 2016 (Jan 3 – Mar 6) brought out the intensely brooding warrior, whose raw, venomous charge to vengefully assail (or else sulkishly retreat) was triggered by some deeply-rooted, most sophisticated emotions whose underlying motives were not only difficult to identify, but impossible to directly challenge.

Mars’ indomitable ferocity to have his way in this fixed, watery sign proved a difficult challenge to any contender. It seemed that once loaded with the ammunition of vexation and an interminable will to achieve a decisive strike, that his infliction was inscrutably ruthless, even unreasonably cruel, leaving a trail of hurtful but irrefutably effective ‘battle scars’ in his wake of ‘success’. Episodes of war where the rest of us had either purposely or (seemingly) haplessly pushed things too far and matters needed to . . . erm . . . face some terminal endings. Restitutions. Reprisals.

One thing is for sure. If you got stung, you were left assured that life would never be the same.

As Mars changes signs, his basic defensive impetus and style will evolve from that of the emotionally venomous viper in Scorpio to the spirited, flaming archer in Sagittarius. We now begin to see fighting spirit transmute his offensive from the abstruse to something more widely comprehensive, and in so, seeks to convince us all that he is fighting for a higher and more noble-minded cause.


So virtuous and upstanding is his war, that he aims only for the highest moral stance upon the battleground. He fights not merely for himself but for the principles that fan the flames of his justice themselves – whether it is under a flag, a cross, a bible, a manifesto or any other symbolic plight – Mars in Sadge stands devoutly, hand on heart, before releasing arrows of morality, decency and integrity, ardently defending these causes like he’s on some holy crusade.

Firing these arrows high into the sky, his only aim is to reach the greatest, widest trajectory, and though he may sometimes miss his target through his often brash and indiscriminate aim, he does affect any unsuspecting and itinerant wanderers in foreign fields by strangely converting them to his righteous cause.

Of course, whilst he’s busy fighting for his cause, it’s not uncommon that he’ll be confronted by those who are fighting theirs – forcing them to bolster and defend their own moral ground.

On such a battlefield, where virtues and righteous principles clash, we might just see the seeds of a ‘holy war’ being sown.

mars 2016Due to the retrograde (Apr 18) we will see a special, extended 12-week journey through Sagittarius for Mars. In this time he will encounter several smaller aspects to Mercury and Venus, as well as a near-square to Neptune in Pisces (through most of April) – a fight that will seem quite impossible for him to fathom since he neither understands nor sees his opponent, who presents himself more like a ghosted force and seeks to undermine his ‘holy’ efforts on every level with something supremely more ‘holier’. Neptune will dilute and dissolve the Mars effort, and in Pisces introduce such a vast array of possible alternatives and loopholes to the well thought-out Sagittarian laws and principles that Mars may come to realise he is fighting a futile cause. Astounded and befuddled, weakened by any failed attempts to judiciously punch holes in the ocean, Mars may come to discover that the secret weapon may be in resorting to telling lies and acting in other deceitful, surreptitious ways to prove his point. Libel, slander, derision, ridicule are some ways…

Then from May 27 – Aug 2 the fiery, masculine warrior slips back to Scorpio, where vengeance and retribution take their unpleasant course again.

By the time Mars returns to Sadge (Aug 2 – Sep 27) his conjunction with Karmic Lord Saturn (Aug 25) tries to teach Neptune a thing or two when they both square (Aug 27). This will not be a pleasant time, seeing much pent up frustration and sorrow due to eroding social structures no longer able to sustain the fantasy of a long superceded dream. Hard when you’re Mars… So much ego in asserting one’s masculine self being held back, feeling weakened and inadequate.

Anyway, Mars will square Chiron, then trine Uranus (Sep17-18), so there is hope for some outsider to come in and help heal any deeply severe wounds created by the fiery events of this year…


Just remember. Every time you get fired up for battle, someone else is sharpening their sword too. Be mindful that hugs is better than smugs. 🙂

Cosmic Scopes – Mars in Sagittarius (Aug 2-Sep27)

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