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The Week Ahead – Feb 28 — Mar 06

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Ok, Let’s be open here. Things are expanding, yes. Jupiter’s earth trines to Pluto (mid-Oct 2015, mid-Mar and finally end of June 2016), means that we learn to seize the power and to take it where we want to go. But whilst this has been an amazingly personally empowering force, particularly in assisting us to come down to earth and deal what needs to be done to improve our personal situations, it has also been harnessed by those in positions of power to seize on their position and bolster their own forces. The last six months has seen leaders in government, politics, church, corporation and military all arm themselves up and head towards a more militarised expansion to drive their operations further.

Power is intoxicating. And addictive. Once you get a little taste, you just want more. But the kind of power Pluto talks about is external, inter-relational. Not generated from a sense of personal authority, confidence, creativity, strength of character (like solar power). Pluto power sucks from inserting its coercive probe, deep into whatever it fancies, and brokering a deal to extract a little juice, just enough to “wet its beak”, as the Mafia like to say. In return, Pluto offers us security from ‘monsters’. It sucks, just like a monster itself – but it’s a monster we come to accept. It’s the fabric of how corruption, breakdown and decomposition work, and just like all the flies and worms on this planet, our dying planet needs these to break down the deadness. Pluto rules the dead. And when in trine to Jupiter, there is a great opportunity for anyone to make the most out of the insecurities most people have around death, or dying. A good time to sell insurance, or convince us that guns, or war are necessary for protection…See where this is going?

Whilst on one side, Jupiter is allowed to expand with a fossil-fueled, war-minded mentality, it is also about to face a serious contraction. Next month (March 2016) sees the second of its three squares with Saturn (first one was in Aug 2015), and this is a stern reminder for us all not to get too excited. Of course, personally, we react to limitations with sadness, but those powerful ‘leader’ types also react by tightening the screws. Also, Jupiter is coming into close opposition to Neptune, and so we come to terms with our ‘love and light’ seduction that took ultra force in August 2014 when the aspect was exact. Yes, we are ascending into an understanding of the higher dimensional ideals of peace, love, compassion and kindness (5th dimension), but with Jupiter quincunx to Uranus (4th dimension) this week we see how hard it is to get a footing into our visions.

We gotta stay grounded. That’s the key here. The outer planets are converging, and as those of you subscribers are aware through my newsletters, the ‘Mutable Cross’ in June is going to be a real test to how we can manage to keep our goals and dreams in balance whilst keeping a steady grip on reality through ALL of our relationships.

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Stay grounded. Means keeping it real without getting despondent. Means making decisions that aren’t always easy. Means not wanting to escape from responsibilities.We understand that rising difficulties, either personally or in our social conditions are NOT a reason to become desperate and look towards the extremities for the solutions. The only true, sustainable options are closest to the centre. So let’s stay centred.

This week sees us wanting to seriously drop out and get lost in the sea of dream on Monday (Sun conjunct Neptune), then by the weekend be dragged back to work, almost by the scruff of the neck (Sun square Saturn). Mercury enters Pisces, whilst Mars dips into sanctimonious Sagittarius for 3 months before returning to venomous Scorpio in late May.Things are hotting up on all fronts, and we start to see a world which is so absorbed by its external circumstances that it is almost left crippled. People who are prone to fears and apprehensions brought closer by the squares of Saturn will feel increasingly isolated, helpless, victims of powerful forces that they do not understand and cannot influence. Staying inside and locking oneself up is not going to ensure survival. Losing one’s vision is not going to provide the opportunity to come up with any solution. Becoming absorbed with the insatiable demands of one’s ego is only asking to feel cut off from the great cosmic source.Stay with me here…

Stay grounded in this moment.

…and have an amazing week.

(Read the full details of this week’s transits here):



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