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WEEK AHEAD: 11 – 18 January, 2016

Ang stoic the week aheadLast week’s Capricorn New Moon has helped set our sights on making some final drastic changes internally, some of them expressed as terminal measures that helped to chock our progress from ever regressing back into any deeply subconscious patterns of destructive behaviour that formerly had kept us bound to agreements that no longer serve us.

Big changes, but they are thanks to being able to draw the line – the threshold of tolerance has been reached and decisions to make a change have been made.

Moving into this week, the planetary emphasis is with VENUS, goddess of beauty, peace, and all things pleasant – particularly within our relationships. VENUS’ conjunction to SATURN in Sagittarius (Saturday 9th) commences a new cycle of manifestation for the true, lasting relationship – a love that can only be earned by complying to the reality we must keep a sense of sobriety and earthy maturity in our affairs of the heart. Squaring Neptune, the pressure is all on setting the principles in our love matters straight. Sometimes it takes tough love. Honesty and truthfulness rely on acting with an open, intuitive communication in our pursuit to manifest a truly divine bond of affection. Any wishy-washiness immediately appears to be an undermining influence and (often through hard realisations or frustrating limitations) to be practically unworkable when we are looking to construct a true love that draws from the spiritual value inherent in all life. Needless to say, any relationships that did not cut the glock in a truly practicable sense got their marching orders by the end of last week.

Things just got real, or they just got a bit devastatingly sad.

Good news this week… It’s going to be a bit more fun.

Progressing on from the sobering Saturn, VENUS TRINES URANUS (Tuesday 12th) and, along with Monday’s Aquarius Moon, there is a cool air of excitement about what amazing new things may come for us. The journey evolves into a wonderful, multi-dimensional experience in all affairs of the heart, and whilst a little nerve-wracking for those who still like things the old-fashioned way, there is no way anyone can deny the refreshingly flowing streams of promise passing through our lives this week.

By mid-week, things take on an earthy air of hope and idealism, with the ambitious CAPRICORN SUN coming into a conjunction with Rx MERCURY, whilst trines to JUPITER/NORTH NODE in Virgo, with semi-squares to NEPTUNE expound and enhance the sense of togetherness between us. Many are gathering together to form strong, earthy tribal clumps and alternative co-operatives that promise, if nothing else, to give us all hope that a new world lies on the horizon.

Much work to be done though, and as we will see during the year, it is all about making decisions with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Love is sweet, and infatuation is easily mistaken for that, whilst on the other foot fear of getting involved or taking risks at all may leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth, especially if you are prone to compare yourself to others and not mind your own business, work with your own tribe. Jealousies and cravings for things out of our price range could leave us broken and/or broke up.

So, just a word to the wise: Whilst this week is exceptionally positive and excitingly fresh, spurring us on to take much greater risks with where we place our affections and investments of the heart, inspiring us to try new things and have some crazy fun, with VENUS square JUPITER (next Monday 18th) there is certainly the tendency to stretch things way too far where our indulgences for adventure are concerned. It is therefore advised that if we are making important decisions that involve others, particularly if it affects our career & travel, then we stay mindful to keep those feet firmly planted on the ground at all times.

Keep it real, or at least be realistic with your self…. and have an amazing week,


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