third quarter moonIt’s a brand new year. A whole new timeframe is unfolding for us now, presenting wonderful, new opportunities for us to understand that we are not bound to any of the linear, frightfully mundane sociopolitical issues that continue to plague us in the the dull and spiritually devoid three-dimensional universe.

From the world of fear-based structures, increasingly crippled by its own surmounting economic debt and religiously misanthropic activities, only one reality emerges as our salvation – our ability to get a grip on our own emotions and to invest them appropriately.

Every time we get ahead of ourselves, or get hung up on the past, we give away our freedom (and happiness) to something (or someone) that is guaranteed to take it and stow it all away. We do this only to satisfy our flaky materialistic fetishes for anything that we may fancy as being capable of providing some security.

Whether it is a guarantee of being loved, supported or given access to the kingdom of heaven, we kid ourselves severely every time we slip away from our lucid attentiveness to this present moment.

Very few people know what we are talking about when we say drop all thoughts and come to the here/now.

Very few indeed are actually able to observe this precious moment for all the power that it gives us to make the most assuring decisions for ourselves.

Our transition out of the crippling three-dimensional prison of limited time and space and into a higher dimensional field of infinite possibilities is severely dependent on our ability to cease attaching our feelings to notions and ideas that simply do not exist in this moment.

Come now, get a grip on your emotions… stay in present time.
[leave any residual baggage in 2015 – it’s not going to serve you, so stay clear in the new year].

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