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MOON trine SATURN trine URANUSFor the next few hours just observe the phenomenon that’s occurring now as those neighbouring titans Saturn (existing order) and Uranus (innovation) begin to work together for a change, allowing us to bring amazing new insights into practicable and purposeful application in our often stagnant world.

Yes, the unusual can sometimes seem like a disruptive nuisance to our regimented ways. But for some reason we are now able to invite and integrate the divinely unusual into our old and structured ways. We can make profound discoveries that improve existing conditions and solve old problems by tapping into a sensibility that actually facilitates and accelerates matters in ways that puts them into effect.

It is a sense of magic actually happening.

This fleeting LEO MOON stokes up and holds this fiery vision of feeling like a successful inventor or manager. In our hearts, we catch a glimpse of our talent, our passionate flair for inspiring others with our creative vision and insight. In this, we manage to demonstrate our passion by using practical and effective ways to bring our vision into reality.

In your meditation today, open up completely, catch a glimpse of the unimaginable and come to make it real.


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